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ROPE (1948) | Leopold and Loeb | True Crime and Movies

ROPE (1948) | Leopold and Loeb | True Crime and Movies

REEL CRIMES: A True Crime and Movie Podcast

In 1948 Alfred Hitchcock would unveil his first color feature film, ROPE, a darkly satisfying crime thriller full of tense voyeurism and wicked narcissism about two precocious young men who attempt to prove they have committed the perfect crime by hosting a dinner party after strangling one of their former classmates to death.

A brilliant achievement of experimental cinematography and gripping suspense, it pales in comparison to the shocking events, grisly murder, and sensationalized trial that inspired it.
Join me and my guest, Alex Mattson, as we discuss the film and the true crime events it is based on.
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01/21/22 • 86 min

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