What if you could see what podcasts your smartest, funniest, most curious podcast-obsessed friends and others recommend?  That’s Goodpods!

We started Goodpods because we were tired of staring at our phones wishing we had a good podcast recommendation — with more than 30 million episodes out there, we knew there was great content we were missing!  

With Goodpods, you get to:

  • Avoid those last minute texts asking friends what to listen to.  Now you can follow your friends and easily find their favorite podcast episodes.
  • Let your friends know (through the feed or a direct recommendation) what you think is great.
  • Review and comment on episodes and see your friends’ reviews and comments.
  • When you’re ready to listen, just go to your bookmarks to see what you have queued up for yourself.
  • Keep a history of what you’ve listened to with any notes you want to remember on your profile.

One quick thing… Goodpods is in beta right now so please let us know what you think (be honest!)   And please bear with us as we work out the kinks!

You can reach us at hello@goodpods.com

Happy listening!

JJ and Ken

About us

JJ Ramberg

Over the last 13 years, I’ve hosted a show for NBC News about entrepreneurship called Your Business, a podcast called Been There Built That and a series on BBC World News called Follow the Food.  Though I spent most of my journalism career in television (I also worked at CNN), I’ve always loved the experience of audio — where you get to use your imagination to conjure up the images attached to an interview or story.  

I also have an entrepreneurial streak in me.  I got my MBA from Stanford and then in 2005, my brother Ken and I started our first company together – Goodshop.com – which is now one of the top coupon sites that also provides cash-back or a donation to your favorite cause for every purchase ($13 million has been donated so far!)  On the personal front, I live in Brooklyn with my architect husband and three kids who are all podcast lovers too!

One episode you’ll find on my playlist:  Everything is Alive: Ana, Elevator.

Ken Ramberg

I have always been an entrepreneur at heart.  After graduating from Stanford, I co-founded one of the first online job posting sites called JOBTRAK. It was a real thrill starting from nothing, growing the business over twelve years and then ultimately selling to Monster.com.  Then, on to the next project!   My sister JJ and I launched Goodshop back in 2006 and it still going strong.

As an avid podcast listener, I’m really excited about this new venture! One of my friends recently said, “Goodpods advances the best part of social networking — being able to share knowledge.”

On the personal front, I live in Colorado where I love to put my earbuds in and listen to podcasts while I hike the Rockies.

What you’ll find on my playlist: Slow Burn, Slate’s podcast about Watergate.


Jeff Shell – Chairman of Universal Film & Entertainment 
Kevin Reilly – Chief Content Officer, HBO Max, and President, TNT, TBS and truTV
Pilar Guzman – Former Editor-in-Chief of Condé Nast Traveler

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