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Justice with John Carpay

The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms

John Carpay, founder and president of The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, talks about the issues--legal, political and cultural--that concern him most. The Justice Centre (website has been going strong for ten years, so there is a lot to discuss. With facilitator and producer Kevin Steel, each week John will bring you up to date on the latest, as well as provide insights about the law and the fight for freedom.

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John returns to the show to help us catch up on the COVID file as we look at the second wave situation in Quebec and Ontario, with the former bringing in strict lockdown measures based on the number of cases, not deaths. And we also discuss John's Post Millennial column about the impact of lockdown measures in developing nations.
Canadian Press via MSN, Sep 29, 2020:
Montreal restaurateurs 'in shock' after provincial government orders 28-day closure

RAIR Foundation, Sep 9, 2020: Breaking: Canada forcibly removes and imprisons 'uncooperative' coronavirus-positive citizens at secret location (video)
Globe and Mail, Sep 2, 2020: Quebec City karaoke bar COVID-19 outbreak linked to cases in three schools
CBC, Sep 23, 2020: Quebec police won't be allowed to enter homes without consent or a warrant, public security minister says
Post Millennial, Oct 1, 2020: 'Telewarrants' now a reality in Quebec, allowing police to quickly break up gatherings
650 CKOM, Jul 7, 2020: Saskatchewan’s 15th COVID-19-related death was a person in their 20s
John Carpay in The Post Millennial via The Justice Centre, Oct 1, 2020: Lockdowns deadlier than COVID in developing nations
Oxfam, Apr 8, 2020: Half A Billion People Could Be Pushed Into Poverty By COVID-19
Oxfam, Jul 8, 2020: 12,000 people per day could die from Covid-19 linked hunger by end of year, potentially more than the disease, warns Oxfam

The Canadian Press via Toronto Star, Sep 6, 2020: Quebec police investigating online threats against unnamed elected official
Justice Centre Press Release, Apr 17, 2020: Trudeau and Premiers questioned about adverse consequences from government-imposed lockdowns
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We look back at a pre-COVID controversy in which nurses' unions fought against mandatory mask policies and won. Everyone seems to have forgotten about this, but obviously it is relevant to the situation today. Also, we talk about the growing body of evidence showing the lockdowns were ineffective.
Alex Berenson in Threadreader, Aug 7, 2020:
"The Ontario arbitration fight about masks is really stunning..."

CBC, Jan 8, 2014: Nurses gear up for fight over mandatory flu shots or masks

CBC, Sep 10, 2015: Union says Ontario nurses can't be forced to wear masks in flu season
CBC, Dec 4, 2019: B.C. nurses no longer need to get flu vaccine or wear masks, can rely on 'professional judgment'
CanLII, Dec 16, 2015: Bloorview School Authority v Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 4400
CanLII, Nov 9,2016: William Osler Health System v Ontario Nurses’ Association, 2016
New York Post, Jun 6, 2020: WHO reverses position on face masks as coronavirus cases climb
Donald L. Luskin in The Wall Street Journal, Sep 1, 2020: The Failed Experiment of Covid Lockdowns
Daily Mail, Jul 23, 2020: Lockdowns DON'T work, study claims: Researchers say stay-at-home orders made no difference to coronavirus deaths around the world - but prior health levels DID
Lancet via EClinicalMedicine, Jul 21, 2020: A country level analysis measuring the impact of government actions, country preparedness and socioeconomic factors on COVID-19 mortality and related health outcomes
Irish Times, Sep 2, 2020: German lockdown was too harsh says health minister
Associated Press via USA Today, Sep 1, 2020: South Florida restaurants and casinos reopen as governor vows no more COVID-19 shutdowns
CBC, Sep 9, 2020: Alberta won't 'micromanage' businesses as COVID-19 infections climb: Kenney
Justice Centre News Release, Sep 9, 2020: Court ruling upholds Alberta bylaw that bans trailer signs on private land
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Our guest law professor Bruce Pardy discusses his article "Public Universities, Speech Policies, and the Law: Fourteen Maxims." He defines the issues and clears up some common misconceptions about free speech and freedom in general for academics, administrators and students on campuses in Canada.
Queen's University:
Bruce Pardy, Professor
Bruce Pardy in SSRN, Aug 20, 2020: Public Universities, Speech Policies, and the Law: Fourteen Maxims
Jordan Peterson in Thinkspot, Aug 28, 2019: The Queens University Talk
Below are the Fourteen Maxims copied from Pardy's article:

  1. ‘‘Freedom of expression” and ‘‘academic freedom” are distinct legal ideas
  2. Freedom of expression is a negative right, whereas academic freedom is both negative and positive
  3. Universities have no legal rationale to restrict the content of speech of its faculty or students, who are already restrained by the law
  4. No university policy on the content of speech is necessary for the university to impose no restrictions on the content of speech
  5. Simple policies protect free speech
  6. Wordy policies create the potential to limit speech
  7. Universities require ‘‘time, place, and manner” rules to protect expression
  8. Universities have no justification for imposing security fees on any speaker or lecture
  9. Government directives can be simple and have the force of law
  10. Government directives that require each university to develop its own policy on free speech invite policies that restrict the content of speech
  11. There is no right without a remedy
  12. Jurisprudence on the application of the Charter to speech issues at public universities is a dog’s breakfast.
  13. For most university speech issues, the Charter is a red herring
  14. Some free speech disputes are about unequal application of rules rather than ‘‘freedom of expression” itself

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Columnist and social commentator Barbara Kay discusses the situation that led to her resignation from the National Post, circumstances that parallel problems in legacy media newsrooms everywhere. She also speaks about some of the issues she continues to write about in new media, like the transgender movement and its impact on women.
Barbara Kay in the Post Millennial, Jul 24, 2020:
Why I'm leaving the National Post
Rex Murphy in The National Post, Jun 1, 2020: Canada is not a racist country, despite what the Liberals say
Vanmala Subramaniam in The National Post, Jun 2, 2020: Before you declare Canada is not a racist country, do your homework
Zi-Ann Lum in HuffPost, Jun 6, 2020: Systemic Racism Exists In Canada. It’s A Fact, Not An Opinion
Variety, Jun 7, 2020: Embattled New York Times Opinion Page Editor James Bennet Resigns
Philadelphia Inquirer, Jun 6, 2020: Stan Wischnowski resigns as The Philadelphia Inquirer’s top editor
Barbara Kay in The Post Millennial, Jul 24, 2020: BOOK REVIEW--The End of Gender by Debra Soh
Youtube, Dec 21, 2011: Barbara Kay on Institutionalized Feminism and Misandry
BBC, Mar 1, 2020: NHS gender clinic 'should have challenged me more' over transition
Fox News, Feb 18, 2020: Female HS track star says lawsuit to overturn Conn. transgender athlete policy 'absolutely necessary'
Daily Mail, Aug 4, 2020: MSNBC producer quits with scathing letter calling the news network a 'cancer' that 'stokes division', 'blocks diversity of thought' and 'amplifies fringe voices' for the sake of ratings
Red State, Aug 5, 2020: New Gallup Poll Delivers Devastating Indictment of News Outlets by an Overwhelming Majority of Respondents
The Western Journal, Jul 24, 2020: Nicholas Sandmann Announces Settlement of His Giant Lawsuit Against Washington Post
New Discourses
Barbara Kay on Twitter
Barbara Kay's author page at The Epoch Times
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