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Hybrid/Remote Centre of Excellence - Perspectives: Transparency Isn’t Trust -  Anna Burgess Yang

Perspectives: Transparency Isn’t Trust - Anna Burgess Yang

Hybrid/Remote Centre of Excellence

10/05/23 • 57 min

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Sponsored by Nola Simon Advisory: Learn More From This Bonus Podcast Episode When Anna Burgess Yang wrote about starting a new series called Perspectives, encouraging people to share their experiences of work so we can learn from them and create better and healthier workplaces in the future, I volunteered to be interviewed. Anna is a writer as well as an automation expert and I adore her work. We came up with the idea that she would write the article but I would interview her for the podcast and then we would publish the same day. A version of cross-promotion - it's not the same content. In fact, I have not yet read the article Anna has written though she recorded the podcast to use that to write the final version. I'm excited when creative people talk about doing things differently. If we never talk about negative experiences, how can we learn from them? It's not gossip, it's not ill will. It's a desire to craft a better environment and to encourage others to do the same. A guiding principle for futurism is that if you want to imagine 10 years in the future, examine 20 years in the past. The conversation also includes a discussion about writing and the future of AI, the benefits of automation - if you want to learn how to repurpose, Anna has amazing resources for that on Medium, Linkedin, Substack etc. She's everywhere. She uses AI and automation as tools to save her time and she's constantly learning and sharing her insights. Here are some of Anna's articles: The end of a job: an untold story Perspectives: Global Remote Work How to Automate Your Content Repurposing in 5 Steps (From Someone Who Has Done It!) Anna Burgess Yang is a former product manager turned content marketer and journalist, based in a suburb of Chicago. As a niche writer, she focuses on financial technology. And as a self-proclaimed workflow geek, she is obsessed with tools and automation. Find her at annabyang.com. Fintech + Product Writer Schedule a Meeting This podcast is wholly owned and funded by Nola Simon. Consulting Services - Hire Nola Simon Advisory Nola Simon's website - check out her speaking offers, workshops and community Connect with Nola Simon on LinkedIn Nola's Substack Listen, rate and review the podcast on Goodpods Find the Hybrid/Remote Centre of Excellence podcast on your favourite player

10/05/23 • 57 min

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