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Marisa Eikenberry


My podcast Long-Distance Worklife - A Hybrid & Remote Work PodcastWeb developer, podcast editor, and technology support specialist for The Kevin Eikenberry Group.https://longdistanceworklife.com/

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Podcaster Q&A

Tell us about yourself – what is your background?

I'm a web developer at The Kevin Eikenberry Group. I have a bachelors in Telecommunications from Ball State University and began editing podcasts for the company in 2016. In 2022, I become the co-host of The Long-Distance Worklife which discusses remote and hybrid work with remote work expert, Wayne Turmel. I'm married to my amazing husband, living in Indiana. I love to cook, cross stitch, and read. I also volunteer for my sorority, Phi Mu Women's Fraternity.

Why did you get into podcasting?

I had some experience editing audio in college so when our company decided to start a podcast with our CEO as a host, I was the natural choice as editor. I started editing in 2016. In 2021, I suggested to my coworker, Wayne Turmel, that he start a remote work podcast (and volunteered to edit it). In 2022, I was asked to co-host with him which is how I got behind the microphone for the first time. I'm absolutely loving it.

How did the idea for the show come about?

Our company, The Kevin Eikenberry Group, has been teaching companies and individuals about working and leading remotely for almost ten years. My co-host, Wayne Turmel, has been teaching about remote work for 15+ years. Knowing that he was writing a new book coming out in 2023, I suggested that he start a podcast to discuss some of the things he's been teaching about for years. We knew we had to appeal to the leader and the worker so Long-Distance Worklife was born.

What do you hope listeners take from the show?

I hope that leaders find tips and suggestions that can help their remote and hybrid teams become more effective and productive. I also hope that teammates learn some of the ways that they can thrive while working in a remote or hybrid environment. When people become better leaders, everyone wins.

What's been the biggest challenge for you?

The biggest challenge when we first started was just learning what it was like to be a host. I'm not someone that presents very often so extemporaneously speaking was kind of scary at first. Thankfully, I'm with a pro as Wayne used to have a podcast, Cranky Middle Manager, many years ago. He's helped me learn a ton and get better as I go.

How can your listeners support your show?

They can support our show by telling their friends, sharing episodes with their bosses or coworkers, giving us a rating, or even a review. They can also get more information about how to work and lead remotely through Wayne Turmel's books: The Long-Distance Leader, The Long-Distance Teammate, and The Long-Distance Team. Or, by going to https://kevineikenberry.com/blog for our writings about remote work.

Any future plans that you'd like to share?

We're trying to put out more video clips across our social channels to help bring others to the show. You can find us on YouTube and TikTok.

Anything else you'd like to share?

Thanks to everyone that has listened so far and told us they love the show. If you have any topics that you'd like Wayne and I to cover, let me know at [email protected].

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