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Hashtag 59 Podcast - Hashtag 59 Season 3 Episode 36 Podcast: Oklahoma

Hashtag 59 Season 3 Episode 36 Podcast: Oklahoma

Hashtag 59 Podcast
Hashtag 59's Season 3 Podcast is 50 Episodes long and each episode will provide SIX outdoor adventures in each of the US's 50 states. We are doing these episodes in ABC Order of the states and episode thirty-six is Oklahoma. The goal is to give you ideas and opportunities to experience outdoor adventure anywhere and everywhere in the United States of America. Here's our list for Oklahoma: 1. Rock-hop your way from one boulder to another along Charon’s Garden Trail, located within the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge in scenic southwest Oklahoma. This tucked-away trail offers intermediate to advanced hikers interesting geographic features such as unique rock formations, winding creeks and gorges. Wind along this 2.4 mile path for hiking and boulder hopping amidst huge granite boulders for a heart-pumping good time and sweeping valley views. 2. What better reward for a strenuous hike than to look out over a breathtaking landscape as it unfolds below? Hike to the highest point in the state at Black Mesa State Park & Nature Preserve and view where the Rocky Mountains meet shortgrass prairie from 4,973 feet above sea level. Allow time for the 16-mile round trip hike, which features distinct elevation changes and stunning views, and make sure to bring plenty of water. 3. Those who tire of exploring the natural world on dry land can dip into the exciting waters of Lake Tenkiller to find a whole new place to discover. Dive 80-feet under the lake’s crystal clear water to find rocky cliffs, as well as sunken planes, boats and vehicles. Access to the diving area can be found at Fisherman’s Point within Tenkiller State Park. 4. Explore the Lower Fork River Beaver’s Bend State Park: The Lower Mountain Fork River runs through the south end of Beaver’s Bend State Park located near the beautiful Broken Bow Lake. The winding river flows under towering cliffs and near gorgeous cypress trees. Beaver’s Bend also puts on a spectacular fall foliage show during the first few weeks of November. There are so many different adventures for visitors here like hiking, camping, canoeing, or trout fishing, so there’s an option for everyone! 5. Visit Robber’s Cave State Park: In the scenic, hilly woodlands of the Sans Bois Mountains of southeast Oklahoma, Robbers Cave State Park is a favorite of rappellers, equestrians, hikers and outdoor lovers. The park and adjoining wildlife management area offer acres of discovery and enjoyment including seasonal trout fishing and hunting, miles of hiking and equestrian trails, rugged cliffs for climbing and stunning fall foliage viewing. Once a former hideout for outlaws Jesse James and Belle Starr, Robbers Cave State Park is an 8,246-acre park with 189 combined lake acres with Lake Carlton, Lake Wayne Wallace and Coon Creek. It is named for the famous outlaw cave hidden in the formation of 300 to 1,500-ft sandstone hills and cliffs. 6. Visit the Shattuck Windmill Museum: More than 50 windmills, as well as a wind generator, cluster on the outdoor museum’s four acres, from the towering 18-foot Samson to the petite five-foot-tall Star Zephyr. They date from the 1850s to 1950s and range from those built entirely from wood to those of steel. Thanks for listening to Season 3 of our podcast featuring all 50 US States and some of each state's unique and hopefully lesser known to you Outdoor Adventures. This episode featured the state of Oklahoma. Subscribe to our podcast if you enjoy what you hear and if you feel so inclined to leave a review we would be grateful. Check out for our old podcast seasons, hundreds of blogs, & outdoor events/team outings info.

06/14/20 • 18 min

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