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The Graceful Warrior

The Graceful Warrior


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The Graceful Warrior Podcast is a Christian-based show that focuses on encouraging Listeners to take those faithful journeys with God in Grace & Grit. It’s the key to being spiritually Armored Up. Each episode features in-depth discussions on various topics related to the Christian lifestyle, such as prayer, personal growth with the Lord, and the importance of our spiritual armor, as well as hosting Guest Speakers. The podcast is designed to inspire and motivate listeners to deepen their relationship with God through prayer and Bible study. The podcast is hosted by Monica, a passionate Christian, who understands the challenges of trying to balance work, family, and spiritual life. So put on the full armor of God and lets fight the good fight, lets pull-down the strongholds, because you are more than a conqueror through Christ, All Power and Authority has been given to you Warrior. The enemy may bruise your heel, but YOU WILL crush his head!! Amen!? Ooh Yeah! Bring your coffee and your Sword!
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What is The Graceful Warrior about?

It focuses on encouraging Believers to take those faithful journeys into the Word with God. It’s the key to being spiritually Armored Up. It is encouraging the listener to put on the full Armor of God and to walk boldly, never in fear but with full Faith and ready at all times to destroy the enemy each time he rears his ugly plans to destroy the listener.

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Podcast Q&A

Why did you start this show?

I want to encourage listeners that no matter what we go through in life God is there. To get up each day and put on the Armor of God and walk humbly before him. To know who they are in Christ and to walk faithfully before him.

What do you hope listeners gain from listening to your show?

It is my hope and prayer that you gain insight into how much God loves you and that his word is our sword and we have all power and authority over EVERY evil thing.

Which episode should someone start with?

I really loved the Ancient Wisdom Unveiled -Armor of God series. A listener emailed me and asked me to do a study on the armor of God. Wow! It blessed me more than anything. I would start on that playlist on my page. Https://The-Graceful-Warrior.captivate.com

Which have been your favourite episodes so far?

I still favor the Ancient Wisdom Unveiled series.

Which episode are you most proud of?

The Ancient Wisdom Unveiled series. It really opened my eyes on how important the armor is and what he gave us.

What is your vision for your show?

My vision I hope is to have a significant show to all believers and anyone who want to hear about Jesus and follow him faithfully. i hope to have many followers and listeners that would help me grow in my walk with Christ as well. It truly is a iron sharpens iron body of Christ.

What is your favourite other podcast that isn't yours?

I really enjoy Jared Laskey in his podcast Adventures in the Spirit. He is a personal friend of mine. Jared loves the Holy Spirit and teaches a lot on him. The up and coming Jayare Podcast- He interviews a lot of guests. 3 Pillars Podcast- i love how he brings Body Spirit and mental-ness in Christ. My all time favorite is Lance Wallnau- he speaks truth and prophetic news updates with biblical teachings.

How did you come up with the name for your podcast?

I know that I am a warrior in Gods hands. But to walk in Grace and humbleness is a task we learn everyday thru Him. I want to be a woman of God in Grace and yet slap on those combat boots and be his Warrior. and that's how The Graceful Warrior came about.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I am a woman veteran. I have 4 tours. 2 combat and 2 humanitarian. I am a wife and mom of 2 grown boys. A doggy mom to 1 German Boxer and 1 mini snauchzer. I love to go 4 wheelin with my hubby in the mtns of Idaho and kayaking with my friends all over Idaho.

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How many episodes does The Graceful Warrior have?

The Graceful Warrior currently has 117 episodes available.

What topics does The Graceful Warrior cover?

The podcast is about Christianity, Society & Culture, Religion & Spirituality and Podcasts.

What is the most popular episode on The Graceful Warrior?

The episode title 'Deny Yourself & Carry your Cross like a Hero' is the most popular.

What is the average episode length on The Graceful Warrior?

The average episode length on The Graceful Warrior is 34 minutes.

How often are episodes of The Graceful Warrior released?

Episodes of The Graceful Warrior are typically released every 2 days, 14 hours.

When was the first episode of The Graceful Warrior?

The first episode of The Graceful Warrior was released on Mar 30, 2023.

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