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#27: Why Knowing your Purpose and Calling can Drive your Fulfillment with Jenny Toh

#27: Why Knowing your Purpose and Calling can Drive your Fulfillment with Jenny Toh

Successful Millennials Podcast

This episode covers the Mental Health and Career/Purpose categories.
I interview Jenny Toh, an attorney turned Licensed Life Coach during the beginning of the Covid pandemic. To make that choice deliberately pre-pandemic, and then follow through even when the world was in an uncertain place shows dedication and follow through that I thought is inspiring. It also shows how Mental Health and Purpose outweigh other metrics like Money at times for many of us, leaving the financially stable position as a lawyer to pursue the dream.

I'm curious to hear your thoughts and how you will implement the tips provided in the episode! Please leave a review, subscribe, and/or comment your thoughts by reaching out via email at or Instagram @financezilla! If you're interested in financial coaching or corporate success coaching, feel free to reach out via the above platforms to apply or click this link for a FREE 30 min strategy call so we can work together with you to achieve your goals!
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Follow Jenny below and book a FREE consultation below!

Jenny's recommendations:

09/22/21 • 32 min

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