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Savor - Pop Rocks: A Real Gas

Pop Rocks: A Real Gas


This novelty candy creates a popping sensation in your mouth using highly pressurized (but totally harmless) pockets of carbon dioxide. Anney and Lauren explore the science, history, and urban legends behind Pop Rocks.

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09/22/22 • 44 min

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Savor - Pop Rocks: A Real Gas


Speaker 1

Hello and welcome to savor production of iheartradio. I'm Annie Reese and I'm Lauren Vogelbaum, and today we have an episode for you about pop rocks. Yes, I'm very excited for this one. Yeah, Oh, it's so it's so weird. We do love these brand ones and uh, this one's great. Yes, not currently a sponsor. Um. was there any particular reason pop rocks were on your round? Um, I'm pretty sure that I like googled like interesting brand stories or somethi

Pop Rocks: A Real Gas Top Questions Answered

Is it true that consuming Pop Rocks with Coca Cola causes a person's stomach to explode?

No, that is just a rumor that has been disproven.

What was the result of the rumor about Pop Rocks and Coca Cola?

The rumor caused a decline in sales and the destruction of many Pop Rocks pouches.

What was Pop Rocks rebranded as?

Pop Rocks was rebranded as Action Candy by Carbonated Candy Ventures.

Was the myth of Pop Rocks and soda tested?

Yes, the myth was tested on Mythbusters and proven false.

Did the actor who played Little Mikey address the rumor about Pop Rocks?

Yes, the actor confirmed that he is alive and addressed the rumor.

In which movie and TV show was the urban legend of Pop Rocks referenced?

The urban legend was referenced in the movie "Urban Legends" and the TV show "Supernatural".

Are pop rocks used in any unique foods or cocktails?

Yes, pop rocks have been used in various foods, including sushi and lobster tail, as well as being a popular cocktail ingredient.

Were pop rocks involved in a lawsuit between two chefs in New York?

Yes, two chefs in New York were involved in a lawsuit over the use of pop rocks as a unique ingredient.

Has any research been done on the effect of popping candy as an aphrodisiac?

Heston Blumenthal, a molecular gastronomist, explored the idea that the sound of popping candy could be an aphrodisiac.

Did Taco Bell once test a menu item with popping crystals?

Yes, Taco Bell tested a menu item called the firecracker burrito that included popping crystals, but it was quickly retired.

Are there patents for gasified candies similar to pop rocks?

Yes, there are patents for gasified candies that could produce similar effects to pop rocks.

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