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Peak Performance Habits - Jackie Ulmer

Jackie Ulmer

Success in Business, Relationships, Network Marketing, Health and LIFE is about slight edge habit hacks. Thoughts become things and success is never outside of you. Shift your thinking; shift your habits; skyrocket your success. Jackie Ulmer coaches you on the skills and habits that create multi million dollar relationships, health and wellness and businesses.


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The Network Marketing Witness Protection Program

Peak Performance Habits - Jackie Ulmer


05/28/15 • 17 min

Your Listening to the Street Smart Wealth Podcast, show 163 handle it when your team enters the Network Marketing Witness Protection Program. You know, you sign them up, they are all excited and then POOF! They disappear completely. Is it you? Something you did? What up with dat?

Guess WHAT? My one on one and inner circle programs are LIVE! Are you looking for coaching to be successful in your Network Marketing business? Want to also learn how to generate your own leads online? My Inner Circle Coaching Program may be just what you need. Or, maybe it's one on one coaching. Learn more about both at

Check the podcast archives on the blog at for previous episodes if you missed any or are new to the show.

When Your Network Marketing Team Disappears

What to do when your network marketing team enters the Witness Protection Program. You know, they stop answering calls, unfriend you on Facebook, and go into hiding.

They seem to disappear completely. So, what do you do?

Don’t Chase them. Don’t text, call or Facebook Message repeatedly.

Your job is to stat them, train them, be there to support them, but not to be their boss.

Reach out 3 times - and then leave the “ball is in your court” message. Listen, I sense you are really busy and the timing is bad. I’ve left a few messages and have not heard back and the last thing I want to do is bug you. You have my number, give me a call when you are ready to launch. I’ll be here.

Then, gone the leader you are. Be in the game. Let them see you in the game on Facebook and Social Media.

Don’t let their decision in any way sway you into thinking there is something wrong with you, Network Marketing or your company and products.

People have issues and bad timing. It’s just the way it is. It’s not about you.

Love them and stay connected on Facebook and Social Media. Don’t be a baby and unfriend them.

Never burn a bridge because you NEVER know!

You be different.

You keep going.

There are more out there committed and ready, just like you!

Keep sponsoring and building your legacy!

I LOVE and appreciate reviews!

Go to or to leave your review and be entered into a drawing for a free month of coaching.

Show notes

I really do want to hear from you. This world and business needs more connection! Do you have a question or comment for me? Feedback for the show?

Tweet me - @jackieulmer let me know what's on your mind. I'll respond!

and if you have a question for the show, add the hashtag #JackieUlmer

or, ask them at and include a link to your blog for a link back!

Has this been helpful? I would REALLY appreciate it if you would rate the podcast on iTunes or Stitcher, or wherever you listen.

Just go to - click to view in iTunes and you’ll see the link to reviews

And, share the link with friends and team partners!

On Stitcher -

Until next time - remember this - Hesitation Never Cashed a Check!

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Key Components of Business Commitment

Peak Performance Habits - Jackie Ulmer


02/13/20 • 18 min

What does commitment mean?

What is your #1 Goal this year?

Is your goal possible?

Do you believe it is probable for you?

If yes or no, your thought must be -

I will figure this out.

THIS is commitment.

I’m willing...I am committed to do whatever it takes to achieve my goal.

How does that thought feel?

What action has to happen for you to get those results? To get that goal?

Look around you. This is what you are currently committed to in your life; business; income; fitness; health; relationships.

Social Proof surrounds you.

Roger Bannister and the 4 minute mile.

Decide what you want.

Decide to commit.

Decide your values.

My 5 F words






Yoda and Luke Skywalker - There is no try; there is either do or do not.

Can you be “kinda” committed to faith; or your family....

Get Clear. Find Clarity on each of these.

Get out your calendar and get your values on there; get the actions on there that take you to your goals.

Track your actions.

Hold yourself accountable.

Reward yourself.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer Follow me on Instagram @jackieulmer

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Choosing Your Focus Word for 2020

Peak Performance Habits - Jackie Ulmer


12/28/19 • 20 min

Focus Word 2020 - How to Choose it and Use It for its highest effectiveness in achieving your goals. - Focus Word 2020 How to Choose it and Use It for its highest effectiveness in achieving your goals. Here are some ideas:

Choose intentionally. Don't just pick a word because you heard someone else using it; or because it's trendy. Reflect on your past year; what worked and didn't work; and your intentions and goals for the next year, 2020.

What is a word or phrase that will support you in those goals?

Once you've chosen your word, reflect on it first thing each morning and last thing at night and measure your plans and "to do" list for the day and then do a check in on whether your actions for the day were in alignment before you end the day.

Set your marketing plans and calendar up to use this word as much as possible.

I have my 5 Favorite F Words -






These are the 5 areas of my life that are my priorities and focus.

My word for 2020, as you'll see in the video, is accomplished. (And, you'll see how I selected it.)

I can weigh in on what I am doing in each of these 5 areas and see how I've set myself up to be and feel "accomplished" each day and in the best ways possible.

Other words I considered were -





Accomplished was 4th on my list.

Remember this - Discipline is the path to freedom.

I’ve launched a new site,

I invite you to watch my free 4 part video series, and complete the action guides that go with them, to see If any of this resonates with you.

You can access it quickly at

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Are You Clear on What You Actually SELL

Peak Performance Habits - Jackie Ulmer


02/11/20 • 20 min

Often, we don’t understand what it is we truly sell.

On the last episode, we talked about clarity behind your values and priorities. That’s at show

What you sell is NOT your company, or your product name; or even type of product.

We sell solutions, experiences a result.

It’s ultimately the “Transformation” that you client is going to experience through your product, service or offer.

So, we start with what the challenge is that they have. What do they need a solution for?

You’ve probably heard, no one goes to the hardware store to buy a drill; They go to buy a hole in wall.

Who is your ideal client? Have you written out the avatar for up to 3 unique profiles? Some of the traits may be the same, but hav ing 3 allows you to speak to a broader audience.

What are their main challenges, obstacles, problems?

Make a list.

Then, what is the solution of transformation that you provide.

What other potential solutions have they tried?

It’s important to know this going in, as it helps you create your content strategy and your positioning around their needs and frustrations.

You can then position your offer around how and why you will be different.

Focusing on my Network Marketing clients and audience, let’s talk about a few:

Skincare - most women have spent a couple hundred dollars on a skincare line that consists of 7-10 steps and products. Sounds great in the store, but not so great in the real life day to day world.

Who has time ion the morning? Who has time at night?

Knowing this, how would you figure out your ideal client and what their biggest challenges are; and finally how you would position your offer.

Let’s talk about SendOutCards, as I have a lot of clients with this company.

It’s not a “Greeting card and gift service” as many will tell me.

It’s a client retention system that allows the business owner to stay top of mind and in touch with their clients and potential clients.

Finally, let’s talk about weight loss for Network Marketing.

Diets don’t work, we know that.

You must get into the mindset of why people overeat; and what’s going on to lead to being overweight.

Learn to sell the value in working with you.

As far as Real Estate, people don’t buy a home; they buy a lifestyle; an experience; and safety, security; good schools and more.

Coaching is growing tremendously, and people are seeking it. Best to niche down so your offer is clear. You don’t want to be talking about relationships and dating if you specialize in weight loss.


Do a Thought Download on the challenges your ideal client has. Write for 5 minutes about everything that comes to mind; no worries about spelling or grammar. Get detailed, as this will help you develop the offer.

Then, you can write out the solution and transformation you offer.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

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Clarity on Your Values and Priorities

Peak Performance Habits - Jackie Ulmer


01/10/20 • 21 min

I run my life and my decisions around a few key concept. One of those is the 3 Cs for Success, which are Clarity, Commitment and Consistency. Today, let’s cover Clarity on Your Values and Priorities.

My focus word for 2020 is accomplished, and I’ll cover how these all fit together.

The definition of clarity is the quality of the “state” of being clear. Having a clear understanding of what and why.

And, ideally, so others are clear as well.

Do you have clarity around your life goals and priorities?

When these are clear for you, it creates more joy and simplicity in your life.

I base my values and proprieties around my 5 Favorite F Words. My value and marketing “buckets” come from this.

I started with my WHY in each area, and also incorporated my focus word into each one.

My key phrase ion journaling and doing my Thought Download on this is -

Focus on what matters most.

What is my focus point on -


Family and Friends




What do I need to do each day, week, month and year to end up feeling accomplished, which is my focus word.

So, for me with Faith, my focus point is - Be Strong. I use my thought download to check in on how I am doing with my strength in faith.

I use my thought download and ask lots of questions around faith. I ask questions, listen for answers, journal about it, meditate on it, and use audio to reprogram my subconscious mind.

Family and Friends - be fully present when with someone. No phone, social media, texting, etc. Showing up first and best for those who matter to me. When I focus on quality time and being present, I check my primary focus for this area of my life.

Fun - this is easy. I seek fun and joy in everything I do. No matter what I am doing. I remind myself - What is happening to me, is happening for me. I refuse to stay stuck in old stories and programming and instead find the good in everything. Pulling from Hal Elrod’s “It Happened” concept. Life is 50/50. Bad stuff happens and we can’t control that. We do control our reactions and actions.

Beyond that, what is on my calendar that is fun this next year? Nashville, Ventura, Cabo San Lucas, Lake Arrowhead, Croatia and more!

Fitness - longevity and peak performance are at the top of my focus list for fitness. Fueling with good food, movement and sculpting and toning; being the best that I can be,.

And, my first Grandchild will be born this March and I have a goal to not only live to 100+ but to see two generations of “great” grandkids.

If I am intentional with my action steps, I can connect the dots going forward.

Finances - this is a big part of my focus this year as I spent most of 2019 focused and cleaning top areas of my life that needed it. Now, I can keep mastering the practice of what I have in place in those 4 areas, and can dial in on my goals in my business.

My goal is to enroll 250 people into transforming their lives and businesses through my coaching. And, to pay off my house. And, to show up my best, giving value and coaching the heck out of people!

Now, each day, I can do my thought downloads, and journal by asking good questions and measuring up my day and life around being accomplished around my focus priorities.

My goal with fun is to say yes to opportunities for fun and travel, get it on the calendar and figure it out later!

So, that is how to gain clarity on your values and priorities; and use your focus word to measure and track your actions, and what is working or not working.

Figure out your values and priorities FIRST. Write those down. Create your focus point in each one; and then determine how your focus word can work with you and your goals.

Be intentional.

Develop the Vision, Commitment, Focus and Consistency to see the job through.

Full show notes -

Follow me on Instagram @jackieulmer

Get my confidence building video series:

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Closing Out Year 2019 and the Decade to Prepare for 2020

Peak Performance Habits - Jackie Ulmer


01/02/20 • 28 min

Welcome to one of the most powerful shows of the year, where we close out the year, and in this case, the decade as well, and prepare to really rock the new year and decade coming.

Show note are at

On the last show, we discussed choosing your focus word -

I've learned how to bring each year together to make them build on each other.

Focus word from prior years -

2018 - Systemize - this was all about getting systems in place so my business flows smoothly and I know what step to be taking with each person I meet; who enters my marketing funnel; and who I am building a relationship with.

2019 - Mastering Practice - what are the key few things that must be practiced consistently to move me forward in all areas of my life?

2020 - Accomplished - my plan is to start each day planning what is required daily for me to check the accomplished box on where my focus us for that day at the end of the day.

I spent the year 2018 getting the right systems in place for my business. In 2019, I developed my plan for Mastering the Practice of the few areas of commitment and consistency that needed to be done to master the practice of success in each of my value areas; my content areas; and my priority areas, which are what I call my 5 Favorite F Words, which are -


Family and Friends




So, I went back through my calendar planners for the last decade, and see how each year unfolded.

As I have shared, life is 50/50.

50% positive and flowing; and 50% frustration and unhappiness.

Looking back on my decade, and each year, I can pick out the solid years and the years of frustration and struggle and see what worked and what didn’t.

The overwhelming theme in the years of frustration are those years that lacked clarity, commitment and consistency, which are the keys to moving a business forward.

And, my marketing fell way short!

I’ve been conflicted on what it is exactly I want to focus on in my business.

Am I still building a Network Marketing business?

Am I more focused on coaching?

Business or Confidence and life coach?

Marketing is where I really dropped the ball, and my conflicted state of business is a big reason why.

Again, remembering that life is 50/50. and knowing this going in allows you to stay in control and self coach yourself to any success.

I don’t believe there is such a thing as luck, or coincidence.

Every year offers us lessons and growth.

5 Minute Rule -

It happened.

I can’t change it.

I have 5 minutes to whine, cry, weep and vent and then reach for that next area of stretch and growth that we can gain from it.

As Byron Katie says - you can argue with the past, and you’ll lose 100% of the time.

We can’t control most things. People, or circumstances.

We can control our ultimate reaction to is.

Questions for closing out the year and decade -

Who do I want to become?

Who am I now?

What is not matching with who I am now and who I want to become?

What actions do I need to change to become that person? Achieve that goal?

Do I believe it’s possible for me to become that person? Achieve that goal?

Do I believe it’s probable?

Am I willing to commit to the actions, thoughts and feelings needed to become that person and achieve that goal?

Who do I serve?

How do I serve them?

How do I handle mistakes I have made?

How do I learn from those mistakes?

What steps do I need to be taking today to become that person and achieve those goals?

How do I decide what to say yes to?

What to say no to?

What are my priorities in each area of my life?

What’s the number one priority in each of these areas?

This next month, and throughout the year, I will be focusing a lot on my 3 Cs -




Stay tuned for more of that!

Thanks for listening.

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Systems, Consistency and Accountability

Peak Performance Habits - Jackie Ulmer


02/12/20 • 25 min

Have you taken the time to identify, get clear and define the systems that make you successful in your business?

How are you doing with being consistent?

And, what do you do to stay accountable?

Systems are what create a breakthrough around a lot of ways for you in your business.

A system gives you a roadmap to follow, so you know every step of the way where you are; and where each person is; and what the next step is.

McDonald’s is a great example of a company that strives on systems.

In the video and the audio, I share my story of using what I learned about systems to create my own success as a high school student working at McDonald’s in the 80s, and how I won the Saturday lunch sales contest almost every week.

What are your business systems?

Get clarity on this so you have a more simple system.

What are you selling?

Then, define those systems and for me, 3 primary things are part of my systems:

Meeting People - this is ALWAYS step one. Who and how many people am I adding to my database on a daily basis?

Marketing - online and offline. I have it laid out for my offline, which is BNI (Business Network International); and other networking events.

Online, I am going through my friends and contacts daily on Social Media and connecting with people regularly

Follow up - this is the funnel, again online and offline. Have this planned out, for each person who you encounter. Are you just collecting business cards and facebook friends, or are you truly engaging? Do you have a follow up plan defined?

Consistency, of course, is the next key thing. Having these beautiful, defined systems in place is one thing.

What’s on your calendar and how does it look? Is it full; is it complete?

We can only measure what we track, so how do you do with tracking?

Again, the calendar never lies!

Then, I can look back and rate my consistency. Then, I know what to improve on. And, change, possibly.

Monday’s are my “Marketing Monday” and I block it in my calendar for content creation.

Accountability - I have a 3 person mastermind group that has become priceless to me. I never want to be the one who shows up with zero done, tracked and accountable for.

Accountability and showing up helped me pull together all of the moving pieces of my business, and allow me to see it through someone else’s eyes.

I can’t recommend this enough.

Knowing I have to show up makes me accountable to myself first to be prepared and accomplished.

If you want assistance, book a call at

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer Follow me on Instagram @jackieulmer

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Routines, Systems and Planning for Success

Peak Performance Habits - Jackie Ulmer


12/23/19 • 28 min

Success leaves clues.

Show notes -

My Routines and Systems -

First, I do a thought download every day.

Set a timer for 5 minutes and just free flow write.

The power in writing it down in your handwriting vs an app or typing. The imprint in your mind and psyche is powerful.

Choose a small notebook that fits in your purse or briefcase.

Gets stuff out of your head, onto paper and releases it from you; and gives you the ability to look back; find patterns and identify what’s critical and what matters and needs your immediate attention.

From there, I create a prioritized “To Do” list and then I always know next steps.

2019 has been about change for me.

My products, programs and coaching, and cleaning up my 3 different websites.

My site will become more of a resume and resource page, which will guide people where they need to be. - still my favorite name and site, and my first one.

I have moved my blogging, coaching programs and future podcasts there.

And, the where I am coaching on confidence in business and relationships.

I have a number of business cards and funnels I use online and offline and so I really needed to get things cleaned up so I was not confusing my audience.

So, my thought download is what allowed me to just free flow write out what needed to be done; so then I could prioritize it and get busy and get it done.

The challenge many of us have is getting bogged down and over analytical with our process of developing anything, in our business; fitness; most areas.

I’ve let go of the word balance and I focus on harmony in the areas of my business.

My thought download on a daily basis allows me to create more harmony.

I use my 5 Fs in the process.


Family and Friends




I weigh in on what needs to be done in each area of my life; and then I can create my marketing and social media content calendar based on these areas.

Makes everything so much more simplified!

I ask myself daily:

What do I want in each area of my life?

How do I want to be showing up in my faith?

How do I want to be showing up in my relationship with family and friends? With my husband? My coaching clients?

How can I make each day and all that I do fun?

Next is fitness, and fitness encompasses a lot of areas for me. Certainly Health, Wellness and Fitness; from a longevity perspective and operating at Peak Performance.

I’m fully committed to 10,000 Daily Steps as an average, as well as working out 5 times weekly with weights, sculpting and toning my body and muscles.

And, fitness in eating well, to fuel my body and not just stuff it with food.

My own version of Bulletproof Coffee, which I call Fat Blaster, Brain Booster coffee, and high quality, organic meals as much as possible.

Finance is my final area, and that is my business and all that goes into the money side of life.

In addition to the thought download, I also journal daily. This is where Gratitude; days events; goals and other things go.

Vision and clarity is such a very big part of what is needed for success.

And, Clarity is

So, my daily routines and systems from a business perspective involve 3 key areas -

Programs and Products - what do I sell? Are they created?

Marketing Efforts - how do I find and attract my tribe to me, to create sales?

Follow Up - this makes those ongoing sales.

And, consistency is key always!

Create, Market and Close Sales

What do you sell? Do you know? Are you clear and know how to communicate it?

Once you know what you sell, how are you marketing it? Online and offline?

Are you involved in Networking? BNI, the Chamber of Commerce and other areas?

Online - what are your strategies for marketing your business online and building relationships?

Create themes for your marketing plan so you know each day, week and month what you are creating content around?

You want your messaging to build a pattern of consistency in your messaging.

This leads very naturally into Authentic Selling, which I teach specifically in the Street Smart Wealth Academy.

Your messaging, when clearly laid out, is strategic and streamlined, and creates that slight edge mentality that will create top performer status for you.

So your marketing calendar will help you develop those routines and systems ahead of time so you are set up for success.

Do you have a plan? Is it clear? ...

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Fear and Failure

Peak Performance Habits - Jackie Ulmer


12/16/19 • 29 min

Fear and Failure

We all have thoughts around fear and failure that keep us stuck.

All fear is rooted in a past experience...

Other than the startling reflex, we are born largely fearless.

Failure is not in our vocabulary and we are confident we can become and achieve whatever we want -

Astronaut Wonder Woman

What happens to detail us from these positive beliefs?

Here is a definition of fear -

"Fear is an unpleasant emotion based on the belief that there is danger, pain or a threat that is imminent... "

Emotion won't kill you, even the most negative ones...

How will you overcome the WORST emotion you might feel?

Emotions aren’t real. The feeling feels real, but most fear is not actually happening in the present moment.

Close your eyes and imagine your life without fear. What action steps would you take? What would you do differently?

Real fears - fire, physical threat. True danger or threat and happening now.

What are your fears? Be honest, take an inventory and write them down. Get out a piece of paper and let’s journal and write out our fears.

What fears do you have in your business?

Rejection Hearing No Social Shame Haters and Trolls Failure

What is REALLY a rejection of you? What really has to do with you?

What fears do you have in your life? Relationships?

When you feel fear, ask yourself -

What is the emotion I am feeling?

Is it real? OR am I asking “what if....?”

What if it did happen? What’s the worst that could happen?

On a scale of 1-10, how does this emotion feel, with a 10 being the worst feeling.

Will this feeling, even as a 10, kill me? Can I survive it?

New Mantra


What if we make this slight shift in how we SEE and handle fear?

What if we took the time to evaluate what is really going on; what is true and not true, and, the story we make up about it?

We are going to re-educate our minds to shift from thinking that we must overcome FEAR, and realize that fear is a fact of life, and NOT a barrier to our success.

When you take a chance, and get bold, and take steps despite your fears, you begin to change the way you experience fear, and the hold that it has on you.

3 Levels of Fear

Level 1 - facts of life fears and action fears

Fact of life fears are things like aging, children leaving home, death and dying, natural disasters. They are things that happen, and are often inevitable and out of our control.

Level 2 - Action fears are those things we must take action on in order to experience - rejection, success, failure, disapproval, loss of self image.

We must DO something in order to actually experience this fear as a reality, and not just think it will happen.

Level 3 fear is one thing - I won’t be able to Handle it!

And, when you break it down, all fears come down to this ONE thing - I won’t be able to handle it!

I won’t be able to handle rejection!

I won’t be able to handle the death of a loved one!

I won’t be able to handle it if someone says something negative about me and my business.

Who knows why we stop trusting ourselves, but often we do.

Let’s just change that from here going forward.

New Mantra - Whatever happens to me, in any situation, I can handle it!

IF we wait for our fears to go away before we take action, we will never advance, because fear does not go away, necessarily.

5 Truths About Fears

Truth #1 - Some degree of Fear will never go away, even as I am growing and moving forward.

Truth #2 - The only way to get rid of the fear of something is to just go out and do it! Take action.

Truth #3 The only way to feel better about myself is to go out and do it!

Truth #4 - Not only will I experience fear whenever I do something outside of my comfort zone, so does everyone else! Discomfort is okay. In fact, it is necessary for success.

Truth #5 - Pushing through fear is less frightening than living with the underlying fear that comes from feeling helpless!

Shifting from Pain to Power

Fear is not the problem. How we feel and hold onto fear is.

Shift your self talk. What are you unable to do vs unwilling to do?

Change - I can’t to I won’t

Change - I should to I could

Change - it’s not my fault to I take responsibility

Change - life’s a struggle to life’s an adventure

Change - it’s terrible to it’s a learning experience

Rate each fear on a scale of 1 to 10 and work to move toward a 10 each day.

Each day, do something that you once viewed as scary, or risky. Take small baby steps and see how you feel!

Get my confidence series -


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From Commitment to HOW to get the goal

Peak Performance Habits - Jackie Ulmer


02/17/20 • 11 min

Everything is figure-outable - Marie Forleo

We can spend way too much time getting stuck in thinking we need more knowledge; more answers; more time....

Let’s start with what you know NOW...

What do you know already about your business?

We’ve covered clarity on:



What you truly sell

Next, we move to commitment.

We get stuck thinking we “need” to know more in order to even get started, much less to be successful.

But really, we don’t.

We are stuck in fear, procrastination and other emotions and thoughts that are coming up for us.

Right now; what are the fears that hold you back in your business?

Are you afraid someone will ask a question you don’t have the answer to?

How is this holding you back now? Are you in the ditch of your business?

Is it true that you must have the answer to everything?

Do you know how and where to find the answer?

IF, and when you need it?

Are you committed to finding that answer?

We just have thoughts. All day, every day.

Our thoughts derail us a great deal of the time. 90% of our thoughts are repetitive and your Reptile brain is just trying to keep you safe, secure, and out of pain.

When I took my business online in 1999, I had huge fear, not the least was that Y2K and the change of the millennium was going to take out everything.

Ha! Funny now.

I just knew, though, if anyone had done it; was doing it; I could too.

And, I was highly committed to figuring it out.

I figured out marketing funnels; and content to create; what type and where.

And, I was committed to doing whatever it takes, so I got into action every day.

So, ask yourself -

Do I know where to find help?

How committed am I?

Do I want help?

Let’s talk.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer Follow me on Instagram @jackieulmer

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