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Mastering the Podcaster Mindset

Tiphany Kane & David Sais

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Mastering the Podcaster Mindset is a podcast for indie podcasters that are looking to grow their show, build an audience, improve their podcasting craft, and monetize their podcast. Are you an indie podcaster? (FYI- Indie podcaster means you are an independent podcaster working on your own or with a very small team and no corporate or network financing to produce your show.) We will give you, the indie podcaster, the tools you need to maximize your creativity and breakthrough mindset barriers surrounding your podcast. You will get tips and insider secrets we have learned to raise the power of your content and the quality of your sound. This podcast focuses on strategies that will help you to:

-Grow your podcast audience

-Monetize your podcast- even with a small podcast audience

-Increase your downloads

-Learn how to use your downloads to improve the quality of your content

-Authentically connect with your podcast audience

-Market your podcast in a way that attracts new listeners

-Set your podcast up with the proper legal protection

-Set your podcast up with the proper tax protection

Hosts Tiphany Kane & David Sais share this podcasting mindset insight with fun banter and energy. Tiphany Kane is the CEO pf KaSa Media Productions, a podcast coach, host of the award-winning Radical Audacity in Love & Life podcast, and is a professional development expert. Tiphany has been featured in Authority Magazine, Shout Out LA Magazine & Women Who Podcast Magazine. Tiphany brings her expertise as a coach, professional development expert and podcast producer to the topic of creating a successful podcast.

David Sais is the CTO of KaSa Media productions and has over 2 decades of professional dialogue editing and sound engineer experience. David is known as "The Sexy Sound Guy" and loves sharing his expertise in voice over and dialogue editing. He is also a lover of all things microphones. David brings his vast technical knowledge, passion for great audio, and desire to help people succeed.

In this podcast you will get to hear our coaching calls with podcasting clients. You will get to hear the important mindset breakthroughs that help podcasters get to the next level with growing their podcast.

You will also hear interviews with expert podcasters. These expert podcasters will share how they started on their own podcast journey and the important lessons they learned to get where they are today. You will hear from experts that have been podcasting for over a decade, podcasters that get millions of downloads a month, and podcasters that have created lucrative businesses around their podcast. Podcast industry experts share the latest news and insights on software and gear that will help you continue to improve your podcast craft.

Tiphany & David give you, the listener, a detailed "lesson takeaway" from every interview that you can immediately apply to your podcasting practice. We dive into mindset lessons as well as practical growth strategy lessons.

Be ready to get powerful, actionable tips, and strategies that you can use to make your podcast a top podcast in your niche. Through this podcast, you will grow your skills as a storyteller, editor, content creator, interviewer, producer, and podcast business person.

We believe your voice is powerful, your story needs to be told, and there is someone out there who will be inspired because you had the courage to share your story through your podcast.

If you are looking for a community of like-minded podcasters, come join our free Facebook support group for podcasters! We also have a thriving podcast membership community. In our membership, we help podcasters monetize their podcast, grow their audience, and utilize their podcast for accelerated opportunities like:

-Landing a speaking gig

-Being featured in a magazine article

-Publishing a book

-Collaborating with important industry personalities

If you would like to learn more about our membership group, just click here.


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Did you know that you can set your podcast up as a corporation to give you maximum tax benefits? This week's podcast guest, Jeni Thomas is both a podcaster and a tax expert. She gives us some great tips for setting our podcast up as a business.

Episode takeaways:

  • Know the endgame for your podcast- is it a hobby or business? The IRS frowns on hobbies- cannot deduct expenses. So set your podcast up as a business from day 1.
  • LLC or Corp?-LLC is business entity... SCorp is a tax classification- layer on top of the LLC
  • SCorp has stand alone 1120s all income and expenses go through 1120s- K1 (like a W2) split profit...K1 goes on 1040 and taxed at regular tax rate
  • Save expenses, receipts, mileage logs. Jeni recommends the Stride App.
  • SCorp takes deductions- any biz costs...ex: podcast host, online recording, equipment, software, travel to conference (hotel, airfare, mileage, meals)- Red flags - stay away from meals & entertainment unless at a conference, home office
  • Sponsorships- any income over $600 reported to IRS (1099 from the company) Be sure to give biz EIN# (not SS#) to sponsors
  • LLC protects from legal suits- cannot come after you personally
  • Have a separate bank account for everything to do with podcast
  • Ok to take biz expenses out of personal account in the beginning. However, income needs to go into a business account from ad rev or sponsorships.
  • Any $$ personally invested in your biz/podcast is considered a “loan from the shareholder”
  • Take list of expenses to accountant- loan from shareholder...K1 comes off your taxable income or adds to your taxable income
  • Pay yourself through corp- deduction- will pay SS

Join our membership and get Jeni's tax masterclass! Join here

IG: iamjenithomas, keriandjeni

Pod: Honestly Unfiltered with Keri & Jeni



Tiphany's Mic: Blueberry by Blue

Jeni's Mic: Shure MV7

David's Mic: Shure SM7B


Produced by: KaSa Media Productions

Edited by : David Sais (aka Sexy Sound Guy)

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Podcasting can be a very isolating activity. As the podcaster, we often sit alone in front of our computer - doing hours of research, staying on top of social media engagement, building our website, the list goes on. We sit alone behind our mic when we record hoping we are saying things in a way that will resonate with our audience. Often this process can make us feel alone, isolated, and unsure of what we are doing. These feelings of isolation can also build up to frustration- wondering if we are doing it all wrong. Imposter syndrome can kick in- is anyone even listening? Is my message resonating?

So how do we continue to do this thing we love- podcasting...without feeling isolated, frustrated, or confused? We found the best way to alleviate all of these issues is to be an active member of a community of individuals with similar goals. Being an active, engaged member of a community like this can turn an isolating activity like podcasting into a connected and exhilarating venture..

Join our own Mastering the Art of Podcasting Membership group to be connected to a community of like-minded podcasters! Click this link to join

Episodes referenced:

Episode 22: Clever Conversations with Bri Campano

Experts who Taught Masterclasses in the Membership Group:

Jeni Thomas- Episode 24: Don’t Be Afraid of the Big Bad Tax Wolf

Erin Ramsey- Episode 15: You’re Such a Podcaster


David's mic: Shure SM57 with A81WS windscreen

Tiphany's mic: Blueberry by Blue


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Produced by: KaSa Media Productions

Edited by: The Sexy Sound Guy (aka David Sais)

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Today we begin a 5 part series where we dive deep into the 10 Ways to authentically connect with your audience that we introduced last week in Episode 8. In part 1 of the 5 part series, we look at the first 2 ways to authentically connect with your audience.

  1. Let Your Personality Shine
  2. Let people connect with the real you, your mission, and your values. An example of this is podcast guest Brianne Davis of the Secret Life podcast, Episode 3 and guest on Tiphany's Love & Life podcast, episode 59
  3. Show your human side- hobbies, volunteer projects, family time, illness (like when we got covid)
  4. have a sense of humor
  5. Don't over-edit and take out all your imperfections. Imperfections are endearing. An example of this is Tiphany's podcast guest, Erin Ramsey of You're Such a Catch Podcast, episode 34. Erin snorts when she laughs and we all love it!
  6. Authenticity means not pretending to be someone you are not
  7. If you are not the expert, don't pretend to be one. An example is our guest, Amanda Chen of the 100 Masked Men Project, episode 7
  8. If you are an expert, show humility
  9. Don't position yourself as the hero that can save your listener's problems

Our mics for this episode:

David- Shure SM57 with A81WS windscreen

Tiphany- Shure SM7B

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Today we finish our deeper dive into the 10 Ways to Authentically Connect with Your Podcast Audience.

This episode is part 5 of 5. We discuss:

  • Don't forget about your listener.
  • Have a video feed to connect with your guest.

Other episodes in this series:


Our mics for this episode:

Tiphany & David are both using Earthworks Icon USB


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We continue our deep dive into 10 Ways to Authentically Connect with Your Podcast Audience.

If you would like to listen to the episode that summarizes all 10 ways to connect- listen to Episode 8 here.

If you would like to listen to part 1, which dives deeper into the first 2 ways to authentically connect with your audience- listen to episode 10 here.

For part 3 we dive deeper into #3 which is all about FEEDBACK: Ask for feedback from your audience, listen to the feedback and reflect on it and share the feedback with your audience.

We also discuss #4- Post user-generated content and create partnerships with your listener community.

We would love to hear from you! Let us know how you gather feedback and what partnerships you have created with your community.

Our mics for this Episode:

Tiphany- Blueberry by Blue

David- Shure Beta 57A

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