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How to Change the Environmental Narrative

How to Change the Environmental Narrative

Hope. Act. Thrive.

“Where I cling to hope is that when you face a period of such disruption, what quite often happens is that people come together in local communities and find their own solutions and find their own way to be resilient and to create the world that they want to see” says Trewin Restorick, founder and previous CEO of the charity Hubbub UK.

Hubbub transforms the way environmental messages are communicated by bringing people and organisations together as a force for good. Have you heard about Poly-Mer – the world’s first recycled plastic punt - which cleans up waterways with plastic fishing trips? Or about Community Fridges - where surplus food is shared for free - bringing communities together to connect, eat and reduce food waste?

In this conversation we’ll talk about creating positive environmental change, the role of design in creating change, and the most successful family-focused Hubbub campaigns.

This episode is supported by Hubbub, which helps to make actions that are good for the environment, second nature. Check out the links below to learn more.

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06/30/22 • 21 min

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