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How to have effective team meetings, with Danny Hadas

Help! My Business is Growing
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07/01/22 • 38 min

2 Listeners

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Team meetings are an integral part of every business. They're a venue for your employees to bond, exchange ideas, and collaborate to help hit your business goals.

They also give you, the founder, a transparent platform to share news, updates, and plans about the business and your industry, and to give and receive feedback.

But sadly, not everyone is excited to attend team meetings. Many employees whine and gripe about how meetings are often boring, unnecessary ("this meeting could have been an email!"), and a black hole sucking their time and productivity into oblivion.

When done wrong, "bad meetings" can lead to feelings of isolation, lower employee morale, or even a big drop in sales.

So what do you need to do to get meetings right? What skills should you have as a leader, and what structure should be in place to ensure that you'll have productive team meetings that will motivate your team?

In this episode of Help! My Business Is Growing, our guest Danny Hadas breaks down the importance of team meetings and how to structure them to the benefit of your growing business.

We'll discuss how holding meetings will not only foster a sense of collaboration, teamwork, and camaraderie amongst your employees but also have a direct effect on your business finances as well.

Danny Hadas is an entrepreneur and former advisor to the world’s most iconic brands. He is also a #1 best-selling author, and his work has impacted millions of people across 500+ companies worldwide, including Disney, BMW, and AT&T. As the founder of The Emovation Project, Danny teaches service-based small businesses how to double their revenue without doubling their effort using Minimalist Leadership.

In this week's episode, we discuss:

03:03 What happens in businesses that don't have regular team meetings?

04:22 How often should you have team meetings?

06:40 How do you effectively communicate to your team that there will now be regular meetings so they see it as a good thing versus feeling micromanaged?

09:19 What is the best way to structure your team meetings? Is there an optimum or best time to hold them?

14:39 What is the second item or step on the meeting agenda once you're done revisiting the company brand, values, and mission?

16:43 Is it possible to overshare KPIs or financials?

18:57 What is the third item on the agenda now that you're done sharing KPIs and how the business is doing?

21:16 What happens if no one shares or contributes - how do you solve this issue?

22:53 After revisiting the vision/mission, sharing KPIs and wins and challenges, what should be the fourth and final item on your meeting agenda?

25:34 Can you break the rules of these four-step meeting items and change their order?

27:08 What's the best way to wrap up the meeting?

30:39 How do you structure meetings with a larger number of employees? Is a meeting with 100 people the same as 30 or 50?

33:56 For one-on-one meetings, how long and how often should they take place?

34:48 Should you follow the same structure of team meetings when conducting a one-on-one meeting?

36:20 What is one tangible step business owners can take this week to get closer to getting into the habit of having regular, efficient, and productive team meetings?


Danny Hadas, Founder, and CEO of The Emovation Project:

Kathy Svetina, Fractional CFO:
Blog post | How to Have Effective Meetings:

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Patricia Abarte


Jul 6

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