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Lara Schulte & Jenn Rout

Are you looking for a way to merge your pre-kid life into your life as Mom? You’re in the right place! Lara & Jenn candidly discuss real-life experience as Modern Day Moms, and highlight women who create space for both their individual identity and being Mom. This podcast is designed to guide, connect & support women navigating Modern Day Motherhood. Subscribe NOW & listen weekly!


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Are you a mom of a toddler? Today’s show is part 2 of a two-episode series about toddlerhood, with toddler expert Megan Pierson of The Potty Shop. In part 1 we discussed toddler behavior, development, discipline, and sleep. In part 2 we continue to discuss the in’s and outs of this time in our children’s lives, but also get to the nitty-gritty on toddler eating and most importantly Potty Training these little humans!

What’s In This Episode:

  • Tips for getting your toddler to eat
  • Using creativity to get your toddler their servings of fruits and vegetables
  • Making dinner time fun
  • Family dinners are not always realistic and that’s okay
  • Why toddlers throw food and how to deal with it
  • The value of giving choices and offering variety
  • Make mealtime shorter for your toddler
  • Tips for dining out with toddlers
  • What lead Megan to start her research into potty training
  • The pitfalls of the “cold turkey” method of potty training
  • Potty training is very individualized
  • Starting positive potty associations between 16 and 18 months
  • Modeling that using the bathroom is a normal part of life.
  • Physical, emotional, and cognitive signs that your toddler is ready for potty training
  • The importance of making sure that life is at a calm stage before beginning potty training
  • Expectations for how long potty training will take
  • Potty training as an “awake hours” activity vs. expectations for a child being night/nap trained
  • The right way to handle potty training accidents
  • How to offer rewards, not bribes
  • The advantage of fun underwear
  • Pitfalls of the “commando” method of potty training
  • Regressions in potty training
  • Advice for enjoying toddlerhood

03/06/19 • 49 min

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Are you dreaming about creating an online business with real income? Today we’re discussing building a business based on community. We brought on the Boss Mom, Dana Malstaff to share how to cultivate an online community and in turn generate profits for yourself and your family. We discuss how not getting the job she wanted led her to start a business. She shares her goals for the community and how she wants to use it to impact other women, why you can absolutely “have it all” and how lack of communication can have an effect on your relationships. She also dives into tackling challenges and recognizing that you don’t have to play all of the roles and being comfortable with letting other people handle tasks and responsibilities.

What’s In This Episode:

  • What it felt like releasing her third book
  • Feeling that people didn’t know how to love her in the way she needed to be loved
  • How not getting the job she wanted to shift her mindset and led her to become a consultant
  • Feeling isolated and unsure of what to do which led to the birth of Boss Mom
  • Dana’s goals for how the company will help other women
  • Her advice on how to tackle changes and move forward
  • Why you can “have it all” and knowing what your “all” is
  • How community can help you in life and business
  • Understanding that you don’t need to play all of the roles
  • Learning how to make people feel protected and valued
  • Being okay with acknowledging that you need “me time”
  • How fights stem from a lack of communication
  • Pretending to be someone else to keep others happy
  • Building your brand around your product or offering
  • Going through her divorce and being transparent about it with her community without oversharing
  • Dana’s advice for entrepreneurs working on building their business

10/02/19 • 77 min

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Are you looking for your mom tribe? Today we’re talking about community and how this is an integral part of motherhood, business and all aspects of life. We brought on professional community builder, Katie Saffert to help us dive into this topic. We chat about Katie’s experience with entrepreneurship and the pivots she’s made over the last decade. She shares why building community in your life is important and how to tap into that community for support when you need it. She also discusses how community has impacted her, the importance of learning to say no and why you need to show up for what you want.

What’s In This Episode:

  • Disconnecting from life and work when you’re a busy entrepreneur
  • Why she doesn’t work nights or weekends
  • How motherhood through her for a loop
  • The struggles she faced as a stay at home mom
  • How she ended up launching the Hatched Collective
  • How community has impacted Katie
  • Why community is needed in motherhood
  • Learning to say no
  • Making community outside of the Hatched Collective
  • The importance of showing up for what you want
  • How serving people will make you feel better
  • Going inward before being able to give
  • Her hope for people to go and build their own tribe
  • What the Build Your Brand Conference is
  • Using Instagram as a tool for business
  • Connecting with other people on Instagram

08/28/19 • 54 min

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In parenthood, sometimes the mistakes we make are just as important as the successes. On today’s episode, we are diving in deep with guest, Wendy Snyder, a parenting coach who teaches people about Positive Parenting. She shares how to get to the root cause of your child’s misbehavior and how to work with your child instead of trying to change them. It’s time to get intentional with empowering your kids and learn how to navigate the parenting challenges that come your way with integrity.

What’s In This Episode:

  • Working with your children instead of trying to change them
  • The ups and downs of parenthood
  • How to deal with parenting challenges with integrity
  • Wendy’s career and how it transitioned due to motherhood
  • The three parenting styles most parents fit into
  • Learning how to process our emotions
  • Incorporating new habits into parenting and staying on track
  • How parenting mistakes are just as important as successes
  • Challenges and expectations that parents have
  • The fear and force model and how this affects children
  • How to avoid raising helicopter kids
  • Getting intentional with empowering your kids
  • The importance of community in parenthood

05/15/19 • 74 min

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What exactly is a hormone and what role does it play in our health? Today we’re joined by Dr. Lauren Noel, a naturopathic doctor, and expert in natural medicine. Lauren, also known as “Dr. Lo”, is the host for the podcast, The Dr. Lo Radio Show and owns Shine Natural Medicine where she focuses on hormonal health and fertility. She shares how her own personal health journey led her to her work as a naturopathic doctor, everything you need to know about hormones and your health, and how the brain and gut are connected. This episode will leave you feeling inspired to make small changes to your lifestyle that will benefit your health in a big way.

What’s In This Episode:

  • Understanding what her patients go through firsthand
  • How Lauren anticipates her career will change from motherhood
  • Her first experience with a naturopathic doctor
  • Deciding to become a naturopathic doctor
  • Transitioning her practice to focus on fertility and hormonal balance
  • What hormones do for the body
  • Why everyone should get their hormones tested
  • How hormones differ from men to women
  • The correlation between your hormones and how you feel
  • Bringing in anti-inflammatory foods
  • Why sleep is so essential for hormones
  • What role hormones play when you’re trying to conceive
  • Understanding your fertility and ovulation
  • What are the differences between HRT and BHRT?
  • The role that estrogen and progesterone play in pregnancy
  • What Lauren wishes more women knew about their hormones
  • Setting time aside to do what makes you happy

08/21/19 • 71 min

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If you’re looking for an operation manual on motherhood, then today’s episode is for you. On this episode, Jenn talks to Lara about a tool that has changed her life, The Ultimate Life Tool. This tool is something that she uses in her coaching business for leaders, teams and professionals in identifying how to best play to their strengths in the workplace. Now, Lara is using this tool to help mothers identify the parent they want to be and how to pair it to their skillset. She explains how this tool can help you identify your natural talents, strengths, weaknesses, tolerance levels, communication styles and more. This episode will help you to better understand who you are and help you in becoming the mother and partner you dream of being.

What’s In This Episode:

  • What the Ultimate Life Tool or ULT is and how Lara’s uses it for her career and motherhood
  • Why Lara knew it was time to move on from her corporate role
  • Manifesting being able to work remotely and pursue what she loved
  • Starting a side hustle as a coach
  • Becoming a mother and how this has shifted her perspective on coaching clients
  • Rebranding her business to focus on helping other moms
  • Natural talents vs. learned talents
  • Using your driver and codriver to motivate you
  • Understanding your tolerance levels and boundaries
  • Taking time to fuel yourself
  • Figuring out your communication style
  • Using the ULT as your life’s operation manual
  • Understanding your strengths and what you excel in
  • Why we need people with neutral perspectives, people with positive perspectives and people with negative perspectives
  • How things can change due to circumstance
  • Taking the pressure off of ourselves

Connect with Lara:

Website | Instagram


"I saw that the people that I worked with had incredible talents yet they were being overlooked. I didn't want to manage people that way." - Lara Schulte

"Motherhood was completely not how I suspected it would be. It didn't allow for a lot of time and I didn't have the time to dedicate to my coaching business the way that I had anticipated." - Lara Schulte

"I think a lot of young moms are just in the thick of it and don't realize that one of the hardest pieces of motherhood at this stage is really identifying with who you are now as a mom, and not who you were before." - Lara Schulte

"You're not gonna expect a lion to elegantly prance around like a deer. You're gonna expect it to use its roar and be aggressive so it can get its prey." - Lara

"I have to be really aware of how my alchemy flows with his and vice versa." - Lara

"These 4 types of communication styles are basically like tires on your car, you want them as balanced as possible." - Lara

"I see this being really helpful for people who manage other people." - Jenn Rout

"They can really use it as a guide to how they need to take care of themselves and work with their husbands or partners and where they should put themselves first and where they should be spending time when they do feel depleted of energy in order to get re-energized." - L...


09/11/19 • 63 min

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This episode is for you if you’re looking for some data-driven answers about the many decisions made during pregnancy and parenthood. There’s so much information out there about what you should or shouldn’t do during pregnancy, delivery, and those early parenting years that it can be really challenging to determine what is right for you and your family and what is fact versus fiction. For this episode, we brought on Emily Oster, an Economist, author and New York Times contributor. She shared how we can make measured approaches to decision making in parenting. We talked about a few of the do’s and don’ts in pregnancy and motherhood, using evidence to determine what is important to you and your family and some of the common misconceptions that come with breastfeeding, cosleeping, sleep training and more.

What’s In This Episode:

  • How Emily navigates the success of her work while being a mom
  • Sharing the same profession with her husband
  • How having a common language helps with their parenting
  • The career shift she had when entering into motherhood
  • General parenting misconceptions she came across
  • What an Economist does
  • Using data and determining what is important to you and your family
  • Accepting that there is no absolute right choice
  • Looking at risk tolerances in parenthood
  • To do’s and not to do’s in pregnancy and motherhood
  • Food and drink avoidances for pregnant women
  • C-sections vs. vaginal delivery
  • Data on getting an epidural for delivery
  • Eating the placenta
  • The data on vaccinations and how important they are
  • Common misconceptions with breastfeeding
  • Sleep training and cosleeping
  • Evidence about cosleeping and SIDS
  • Being a stay-at-home mom or a working mom
  • What research surprised Emily about parenting
  • Her best piece of advice for parents in the decision-making process
  • What is next for Emily and her research

07/24/19 • 58 min

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We brought on Vienna Farlow, a holistic reproductive health practitioner intern and founder of the Cvntsultant. She focuses her work on demystifying the female body and teaching women better ways to connect with themselves. We discuss what body literacy is and how to become your own expert for your health. She shares the stigmas that there are about the female body, misconceptions there are around feminine health and how to determine what your body is telling you.

What’s In This Episode:

  • How Vienna got started in this industry
  • Learning more about natural birth control methods and deciphering your health through the menstrual cycle
  • Why there is a stigma about the female body
  • Why bacteria is a good thing when it’s in balance
  • What the term cvntsultant means to her
  • What she wishes more women would talk about and the misconceptions around vaginal health
  • Being able to self-treat and have “body literacy”
  • How your menstrual cycle is a window into your overall health
  • What hormonal birth control and reversible contraceptives actually do
  • What a healthy period looks like
  • Discharge, cervical mucus and what it does for your body
  • What the cervix does for your reproductive system
  • What roles estrogen and progesterone play in your health
  • Checking in on yourself day to day
  • What you should expect your cycle to look like after birth
  • What a “yoni steam” is and what it does for your vaginal health
  • Vienna’s advice for being your own best expert

Generation.Mom is a community where you can share without judgment or critique, and we’d love for you to share your thoughts and find a friend to hold you accountable! Find us at: Website | Facebook | Instagram


10/09/19 • 90 min

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Have you ever heard the phrase, “there’s an oil for that”? On this episode, we’ve enlisted Kelowna Giuliano, a holistic health practitioner and owner of Drop into Wellness who has over two decades of experience on healing from within. She breaks down all of the benefits and uses for essential oils including how to use it to support sleep, digestion, immunity, libido and even to clean your home. We chat about living a toxic-free lifestyle, how to use essential oils to benefit your health and wellness and precautions to take when using essential oils. If you want to ditch the chemicals from your life, then this is the episode for you.

What’s In This Episode:

  • Wanting to raise her family holistically and help clients with healing
  • How Kelowna’s life and career has transitioned from motherhood
  • Incorporating essential oils into her classes and educating moms on how to use them
  • Ditching the toxic chemicals and upgrading to products that come from plants
  • The three ways you can use essential oils
  • How Kelowna uses essential oils in conjunction with carrier oils
  • Using foot mapping when applying essential oils
  • Knowing the difference between higher quality oils and synthetic oils
  • Oils that Kelowna uses daily
  • Precautions to take when using essential oils
  • How to use the oils on a wound, to support sleep, for babies, etc.
  • What oils to use for healthy digestion and immunity
  • Using oils for hormones and to support your libido
  • Addressing what’s going on physically and mentally
  • Using essential oils for cleaning
  • How to get started using essential oils

09/18/19 • 68 min

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Does your family have food issues? If so, you’ll love this episode with Jennifer Anderson of Kids Eat in Color.

Today we’re exploring all of the feelings that go along with food and family meals with little ones. Have you experienced mom guilt in relation to what you’re feeding your kids? Too much mac n’ cheese, not enough veggies, the list goes on!

Jennifer shares the nuances and best practices around how and what we should be feeding our kids, without the guilt.

We chat about everything from how to help your kid eat intuitively, what diet culture is teaching our kids and how to help picky eaters who are experiencing anxiety around food. You’ll definitely want to hear all of the tips she shares about incorporating play into meals and being present during meals.


  • Her feelings about being a mom and the CEO of her business
  • How Jennifer’s passion for food and family influenced the start of her business
  • What you should focus on besides just the food
  • How mom guilt plays into meal choices while eating out
  • How you can incorporate food play into mealtime
  • What you can do to be more present during meals without mom guilt
  • The challenges of dealing with picky eaters and helping them overcome anxiety around food choices
  • What intuitive eating is and how it helps people regain the ability to eat intuitively
  • Why parents have to protect their kid’s instincts to maintain their ability to eat intuitively
  • The 3 best practices to help encourage your kid’s instincts

07/01/20 • 33 min

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