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Cancelled for Maintenance

Cancelled for Maintenance

Six, MBP, and Shoreline

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A behind-the-scenes look into the gritty, non-glamorous hate-fueled life of the aircraft maintainer.
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Podcast Q&A

Why did you start this show?

The aircraft technicians/specialists around us at work were so burned out past the point of exhaustion, rust out as some would call it, that they were within inches of being involved in a mishap. We also were on the verge of rust out, so we’d often walk the line and do our best to brighten up their day from joking with them to just being genuinely concerned about their personal/professional well-being. Our show is a carryover from that and gives insight to the life that is aviation maintenance.

What do you hope listeners gain from listening to your show?

Our hope is that listeners not familiar with the life of aircraft maintenance, aviation in general, gain some insight to what it takes to keep planes flying and those who are versed in aviation to have more tools in their arsenal to efficiently execute their tasks, grow professionally, and feel validated/vindicated in their struggles and break from the norm of “that’s just how we always do things”.

Which episode should someone start with?

We highly recommend starting from the very beginning with Episode 1. It gives an in your face understanding to the absurdness that is aviation maintenance right from the get-go, while also showing a clear progression within us to not just being angry with these situations but being a part of the solution. It’s a learning curve we are constantly evolving with and we openly address it on the show. Catchy titles and descriptions mean everything nowadays, but we thank you anyways for listening!

Which have been your favourite episodes so far?

Our favorite episodes are always ones where we have guests, or we record in-person. Almost all of our episodes are recorded remotely, so when we have those rare occasions to record in-person, that’s something very special to us and you can almost hear it in our enthusiasm. Likewise, having guests on the show brings a whole new energy that may give us and our listeners a new lens to see things or grant some knowledge where we didn’t know we lacked or needed.

Which episode are you most proud of?

This is always a hard question, that’s like answering “which of your kids is the least ugly?”. We’re proud of each and everyone of our episodes. When we first started, we knew absolutely nothing about podcasting or how to produce one that people would genuinely like. That said, each one shows a progression in our personal and professional growth as we navigate our careers and the podcast.

What is your vision for your show?

We use our podcast to share laughs, stories, lessons, wisdom, and uncommon knowledge to encourage creativity and personal-professional growth – in doing so, help aviation specialists be heard, empowered, advance, and ultimately prevent mishap occurrences.

What is your favourite other podcast that isn't yours?

There are so many podcasts out there that we’d debate for hours which one would be listed as a top favorite. We’re eternally grateful for the community of podcasters who share in our journey and lift us all up as they rise. That said, there’s a flavor for every occasion, we highly recommend checking out: Finding Demo Surf Fishing, Espooky Tales, Project Podcast w/Pixie, Chatsunami, Ebb & Glow, 2 Broads 1 Podcast, Nonprofit Architect, Landings with Flair, Kruse Corner, and so much more!

How did you come up with the name for your podcast?

This is actually one of the funnier questions we’ve been asked. All flights are given reporting statuses such as “On time”, “Delayed”, and so forth. One in particular that almost everyone (especially the bean counters who sign our paycheck) genuinely hate and/or roll their eyes at is “Cancelled for Maintenance” or “CX-MX”. Our name resonates with those specialists who grind it out to make flights happen while simultaneously making light at those who hate hearing that flight status.

Tell us a bit about yourself

We are Six, Man-Bear-Pig (MBP for short), and Shoreline <cue intro music>; two aircraft mechanics and a live-sound engineer who use our experiences with work, life, and all things in between to bring about laughs, stories, lessons, and perspectives that may someday help you grow personally-professionally and prevent mishaps. Six and MBP have worked on various aircraft types from military helos to corporate jets and Shoreline has produced many live-sound venues from conferences to rock concerts.

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How many episodes does Cancelled for Maintenance have?

Cancelled for Maintenance currently has 183 episodes available.

What topics does Cancelled for Maintenance cover?

The podcast is about Flight, Flying, Leisure, Aviation, Plane, Comedy, Podcasts and Military.

What is the most popular episode on Cancelled for Maintenance?

The episode title 'Toxic Employees' is the most popular.

What is the average episode length on Cancelled for Maintenance?

The average episode length on Cancelled for Maintenance is 56 minutes.

How often are episodes of Cancelled for Maintenance released?

Episodes of Cancelled for Maintenance are typically released every 7 days.

When was the first episode of Cancelled for Maintenance?

The first episode of Cancelled for Maintenance was released on Aug 11, 2020.

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