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Player Completes in game quest after 47 Years by Finding His Mom (100% Completion NO HACKS)

Player Completes in game quest after 47 Years by Finding His Mom (100% Completion NO HACKS)

Baked and Awake

Baked and Awake

Episode 122

March 01 2022

  1. Welcome, updates, thanks to supporters, hello to new listeners and subscribers.
  2. Solid State Flight? As inspired by Andreas Xirtus excellent and largely overlooked videos from two years ago, here here and here:
  3. Adoption is Trauma
  4. Help me with this story by sharing your experiences- Is the Self Storage Industry a Scam? $5Billion in unused goods in people’s homes, cluttered garages and homes, moves for work and more create the need for self storage industry. 10% of households in US rented a unit in 2020? Deaths, defaults, and abandonments mean much of these goods stored go unclaimed. Death, Divorce, Displacement, Disaster causes for needing storage. $38 billion market. The industry has greatly benefited from the covid pandemic. Public Storage (biggest co) Initially numbers went down, then went way up due to a robust Housing Market (read: housing bubble), High Earning employees working from home, and an abandonment of expensive urban markets as people embraced new hybrid and remote work models caused a strong growth in demand for Self Storage of nearly 3% in less than one year. Doesn’t sound like all that much but remember Public Storage makes about $3.5 Billion a year as of 2019, so around 10.5 million. Covid was described by the CEO of smaller Self Storage company Neighbor as “A major growth driver for our business”.
  5. I accidentally blew up my own website- FIXED

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New 2021 Baked and Awake Podcast Theme Song by DJ Quod with original Viola Composition from Begin Scarseth. Follow @thefamilyquod on Instagram to hear more

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03/19/22 • 84 min

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