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All My Loving Relations

All My Relations Podcast

05/17/21 • 76 min

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Love is something we all need, cherish, and desire in our lives. As Indigenous people we have always known that being in good relation with people, creatures, and the land is integral to wellbeing. Western science is just catching up to discover what we have known for time immemorial. Indeed, love and relationships are arguably the most important things in life. As settler colonial trauma and violence such as boarding schools have damaged our ability to love we know it is important to discuss how we can heal. We all have different forms of ceremony to find love within ourselves and there are so many ways to love. Thus, in this episode we ask how do we heal from historical trauma to love again?

We are so grateful to welcome an incredible First Nations scholar for this conversation.

Geraldine King (Anishinaabe) is a member of Kiashke Zaaging Anishinaabek located in the Robinson Superior Treaty area, northwestern Ontario.

Her research interests include: Anishinaabe erotics, ethics of intimacy, kinship studies, theories of Anishinaabe phenomenologies, eco-erotics and Indigenous pedagogical transformation.
Also joining us is Aunty Jillene Joseph (Gros Ventre) the Executive Director of the Native Wellness Institute. She has traveled to hundreds of Native communities and interacted with and learned from thousands of people. Whether she is providing youth leadership training, assisting women heal from childhood trauma or helping to bring wellness to the workplace, Jillene shares her passion for being positive, productive and proactive.

Through reflection, stories, laughter, and personal perspective this episode delves into a great deal of what love looks like in Indigenous context. We should not have to talk about love in its proximity to whiteness, rather we hope to get a place where we can talk about love without violence. In spite of it all we are still here, still singing, still dancing. Call love into the world so you can feel and experience in it, that is ancestral love. You are not alone cause the earth is holding you, find love in all its forms. Good relationships founded in love keep us happier and healthier... period. So, let’s talk about how we get there.

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