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112: A Lovingkindness Meditation for the World

112: A Lovingkindness Meditation for the World

Your Chakra Coach

It's been a very challenging week in the world and I've not been able to get the people of Ukraine out of my mind. So today, we're taking a moment for lovingkindness in the world. It's a short meditation - one that you can do any time for any reason. I know it's a small action, but let's pull our collective consciousess together for peace, both in ourselves and in the world.

May all beings everywhere be filled with lovingkindness

May all beings everywhere be well in body and mind

May all beings everywhere be safe from inner and outer dangers

May all beings everywhere be at ease and peaceful

Each week, we'll continue to learn tools and ideas that we can use to move closer to our highest selves! You can connect with me on Facebook and Instagram, and if this show is helping you in your life, consider joining the Patreon page for bonus content (meditations, videos, etc.) and to support the mission of the show!

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02/28/22 • 7 min

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