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105: Life Readings and Vedic Astrology with Indra Rinzler

105: Life Readings and Vedic Astrology with Indra Rinzler

Your Chakra Coach

We're starting the year with a fascinating interview with Indra Rinzler, a Vedic Astrologer, healer, and teacher. He has been studying astrology for 50 years and uses that modality, along with another called the Enneagram of Personality. A lifelong spiritual seeker, Indra's focus is to help us wake up to who we really are, to help people live beyond their conditioned stories, and live more in the moment.

We talk about these techniques and how they work with the Wheel of Totality to create a life reading. If you're interested in more information about what Indra does or connecting with him, you can go to or join him on Facebook (

Each week, we'll continue to learn tools and ideas that we can use to move closer to our highest selves! You can connect with me on Facebook and Instagram, and if this show is helping you in your life, consider joining the Patreon page for bonus content (meditations, videos, etc.) and to support the mission of the show!

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01/10/22 • 50 min

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