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Wellness Radio with Dr. J

Dr. Jeanette Gallagher

1 Creator

Wellness Radio with Dr. J is a philosophical and esoteric journey on how to recognize the Body, Mind and Spirit oneness through awakening and expanded consciousness while being in this human moment in time. It is also about taking the tether lines back from those you attached to engage in this world, drawing your energy back to your inner self, and learning new ways to navigate with the human body and all the challenges it presents. Health and wellness may be words we can understand, however, they are taking on a new meaning today as we see ourselves from a different perspective. Who are we, what are we made of, and how do we choose to explore this life experience? Are you ready to dance in the ethers and let go of all the old ways that are now holding you back?
What is the world we live in, how can we see with new eyes, can we let go and heal all aspects of self, and can we step up to be the people we were meant to become this lifetime? How do we see our human body as also evolving and find new ways to care for the challenges the body seems to be projecting throughout our decades of life?
Now is the time! Dr. Jeanette is a visionary who can 'see' beyond the words, we speak, the pains we suffer, and the longing we seek in our body, heart, and soul. She shares, in casual conversation with her guests, the many paths we can explore to expand our moments in time. Nothing to hit you over the head or break your open to never find the pieces; it is a gentle walk through the mind and heart strings.
The show is meant to dance with our life experiences and bring inspiration, hope, faith, and compassion to our conscious knowing at this time in our lives.
We promise to tell stories, have a laugh, walk the path with you and cry a few tears at any given moment. We got you! Why? Dr. Jeanette has been there, fallen on the path, excavated fears and emotions from the gut, wailed for eons in time, and felt left alone in the desert of time. She has turned every rock, defined every cloud, and pour oceans of tears over her decades of life and continues each day to see what is next in this expansion of life.
The soul journey is not for the faint of heart but to find the strength from within, one heart cell at a time, to beat for the next breath.
Topics covered on the show can range from children's books and End of Life to paranormal and body health support. You will not find politics here, nor will you find 'the way'. You will be exploring a concept that allows you to open your thoughts and be set out on your seeker path. May you find the next step, and if that plunges you into the abyss, I hope you find you always had wings! Be the powerful spiritual being that is bringing all lifetimes together in human form, to activate a more cohesive and compassionate society in this century.
I hope you are supported and guided by the words shared on this radio show over the last decade. My growth and the words of my guests have expanded eons within that time. I almost do not recognize myself even from last week as the cosmic consciousness is on warp speed.
Thank you for joining me here and exploring our present moment, one sparkling light at a time, and showing up. Stand tall, even if it is from within. Be well and much love to you.
Dr. Jeanette
Dr. Jeanette is a medical intuitive, visionary, spiritual teacher, Naturopath, and psychic medium this lifetime. Her abilities and gifts have been open since before her birth, and she expanded her education and experiences one event at a time. Through all the human story, she has retained her wings, and shares stories of her multidimensional life. She engages with others regardless of the hurdles they are deep in, or the moment of time their path is presenting, to assist them in opening to a great awareness of their power and soul. Her work holds you in a healing space from birth, through death, and beyond. To experience a session with her, will take you to a...
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08/11/20 • 33 min

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Indi Havana, author of Reinstate Your Wings, to explore the complex personal and job relationships we entangle ourselves in.
What happens when we feel like we don't know the other person; do we walk away, hold on for dear life, or accept that the story has ended and a new life is on the horizon?
Can we find the power within to walk away from a relationship that does not work?
What happens when we engage with others and their energy just felt like it took you out, the job is sucking you dry, or the relationship has you tied up?
Ready for a new beginning?
For more information on Indi visit:
For a Support Session with Dr. Jeanette or a Free Book, visit:
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Dr. Jeanette welcomes Wayne McFarland, author of Tales From The Day, to encourage others to start sharing their life stories that have been held in their hearts.
Is your soul and heart screaming to talk and engage in the dance of life with you, so that you can see you HAVE lived a great life with all the challenges and joys the decades have unfolded?
What is the script of your life that has been playing out? Does anyone really know your heart and soul? Perhaps you have become an expert in creating a persona that you share with others and never allow that picture to be tarnished?
By sharing your story, you can encourage more openness and connectedness with other people and THAT is what everyone is looking for today.
For more information on Wayne and his books visit:
For guided support in sharing your life hurts, troubles and joy with Dr. Jeanette visit: and sign up for a free book and newsletter.
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Dr. Jeanette welcomes Melissa Bryan, author of Born Into Shamanism, to explore the concepts of connecting with the world and cosmos on a whole different level.
Shamanism, how about those awakenings, psychic, intuitive; all words and labels that we seek out the definition to see how we fit into the script they perform within.
Perhaps now we are open to the energies of communication with nature, the cosmos and the energy of all beings to dance the cycle of life; so do we need a label?
The throat chakras and lungs have taken a great hit the past several months and maybe it is the time to open up and share the stories from decades past of what we have heard, seen, sensed and touched but we kept them a secret.
What if we all are a shaman, intuitive and psychic in our own space and time? Can you honor that path?
For more information on Melissa visit her website here.
For Soul Guidance and a free book from Dr. Jeanette visit:
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Dr. Jeanette welcomes Sylvia McKelvey, extraterrestrial researcher and investigator, to explore the New Age concepts that are unfolding in 2020. Did the world break open and we have no clue what is coming next?
Are we being prepped for the changing of the guard for a new world, but just how might that look? Are we letting go of the fear of aliens and ET's?
Sylvia McKelvey is the author of Storm on the Horizon: The New Age, UFO's and the Cosmic Christ book recently released. Stories, research, validation and conversations to bring the alien aspect into this decade and alert us to be all watching as it unfolds.
Spirits, souls, and things that fly high in the sky or go bump in the night are losing their fear factor and we are ready for something different but what will that be? Are we now ready to say 'I have seen UFO's, ET's, and they are cool'. What will we learn next? Are we alone on this earth? How far away is the cosmos?
Are we just waiting for science to give us the thumbs up for validation of things we dream about or have kept as secrets in the past decades?
For more information on Sylvia visit:
For a free book and newsletter from Dr. Jeanette visit:
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Taking the Pulse on Today's Energies!
What happened to us in 2020: Is this a Soul Awakening and Dark Night of the Soul? Perhaps the earth just tipped upside down and we needed to learn a new way of living? Either way, we are forever changed!
Dr. Jeanette and Maggie Moor explore the events of the past few months and share their stories of experiences that rocked their boats!
In Awareness: Who are we?
What is life about?
Are we being held back in our safe places to reset? Are we so much more than this human existence and it took a global event to shake us to the core?
Have we evolved even a little bit yet? Perhaps we have a long road ahead but we HAVE opened the door to a new life if we are ready to stick our heads out and see!
Maggie Moor, author of I AM: Your Guide to Mind and Body Union for Total Awareness, and her work can be found here:
Dr. Jeanette offer a free book and newsletter here:
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07/21/20 • 33 min

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Debbie Sumner, author of Taming Josh's Dragon: A mother's tale of a life too brief, to discuss early childhood death, organ transplant and organ donation.
Our hearts break when our children are hurting, ill, terminally ill or struggling so hard to stay alive. What can a mother do? Pray, love, and show up is what Debbie did; she refused to give up and embraced the love of her son's soul and heart every day.
When a child suffers, a parent asks: did God forget about you, not hear your prayers, or is he blessing your hearts and souls with unconditional love. Did you feel like you missed something, do you have regrets and guilt; what if there are no answers or solutions to the life challenges we come upon?
How can you walk with grace, love and peace in the face of loss, grief, pain and death?
For more information on Debbie and her work visit:
For a free book and newsletter from Dr. Jeanette on Finding Life's Gems visit:
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07/17/20 • 37 min

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Dr. Laurel Mellin, author of What's my number? One simple question that unlocks your brain's power for health, happiness and purpose to find help in this time of great trials and challenges. Stress has overwhelmed everyone in 2020.
What is Emotional Brain Training for stress? How can it help you make a significant change in your life?
Everything that was normal, no longer is; how do you go forward? Is there a reset button and how fast can it work for you?
For more information on Dr. Mellin visit:
For a free newsletter and book from Dr. Jeanette visit:
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07/16/20 • 44 min

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Michele Baker, author of All We Need Is Love: In Service to the Light Book One, to share how humans are evolving as the world is changing at warp speed around us.
Perhaps these past few months, we have been asked to stop and wait for the world to change. Perhaps we were stopped so we could BE the change?
What is the Light? How have you been evolving the past few months or years? Have you even taken a moment in time to recognize it?
Where are you on your Soul Journey? There are no levels to attain, goals to slay or templates to complete as the purpose and experiences are unique to each soul. So, how do you know what is going on, what you are doing, and how might you be 'getting it'?
For more information from Michele visit:
For a free book and newsletter from Dr. Jeanette visit:
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Dr. Jeanette welcomes Jane Makovicka, author of With Every End There Is A New Beginning, to share how life experiences can hide from our thoughts and deny the healing in this life we are seeking.
Time to express our true feelings on paper and see with our eyes the path we are on.
Has your life been so harsh and painful that the sooner you forget it the better? Are you storing up your emotions of grief and anger because you would not want anyone to see them? How hard are you pushing things down inside of you because you are ashamed or feel guilty of your life?
Dr. Jeanette and Jane share times of deep pain and hurt in their lives and how getting in touch with the secrets that you bury about how you really feel is the only way out of the space you are in.
When we are taken to our knees, that is a time to pray, a time to see the possibilities in life and to see in retrospect for the empathy and mercy you have given to yourself. You see, you are healing by just opening up your heart.
For more information on Jane visit:
For a free book and newsletter from Dr. Jeanette visit:
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Dr. Jeanette welcomes Sally Faubion, author of You Are Your Best Soul Mate; Learn to Respect Yourself by the Numbers in Your Life, to share how to find guidance by the numbers that are unique to your life.
Are you feeling a little lost these days when life has turned upside down? What type work would you like to do going forward? Why did things happen to you in the past and what does the future hold?
Can a numerology reading change the perspective you have on life and perhaps ease your fears or challenges just a bit to support happiness and peace going forward?
Numbers have a science behind them; the number itself, the order they are presented, the adding of numbers to find a life number and the letters associated with numbers.
Listen to Sally and Dr. J explore the magic and science of numbers!
For a session with Sally or more information, visit:
For a free book and newsletter from Dr. Jeanette visit:
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Wellness Radio with Dr. J currently has 805 episodes available.

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The podcast is about Health & Fitness and Podcasts.

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The episode title 'Finding the power within to end a job or relationship now!' is the most popular.

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The average episode length on Wellness Radio with Dr. J is 52 minutes.

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Episodes of Wellness Radio with Dr. J are typically released every 2 days, 20 hours.

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The first episode of Wellness Radio with Dr. J was released on Aug 28, 2011.

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