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Leadership Lessons from a Surgeon General (throwback episode) - Vice Admiral Forrest Faison

The Scope of Practice Podcast

12/20/21 • 47 min

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Episode 90 - I’m excited to bring you this special throwback episode. We’re reaching all the way back to episode 2 of the podcast. If you haven’t heard this episode, then buckle up. This episode was one of my favorites of the last 2 years. My guest is a retired U.S. Navy surgeon general, Vice Admiral Forrest Faison. He spent his 30 year career in the Navy first as a pediatric neurodevelopmental specialist before moving into executive medicine and eventually leading all of the Navy Medical Corps as the 38th surgeon general. He has had an amazing career, leading the men and women of the Navy and Marine Corps through incredible hardships such as wartime combat hospital operations, as well as six pandemics. This is a phenomenal conversation you’re about to hear. If you ever wanted a free master class in physician leadership, you’re about to hear it. So, it is now my honor to present to you my conversation with retired Vice Admiral Forrest Faison.

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I'm excited to tell you about a new online course I'm launching called “Residency-Proof Your Marriage.” I’ve seen way too many couples get divorced or see their relationships go sour during their medical career. Medical training is an inherently divisive time, so you have to work to combat that!

This online video course will coach you through setting expectations, communicating effectively, getting on the same page with finances, and keeping your relationship thriving during a difficult time. Whether you’re in medical school, residency, or out in clinical practice, Residency-Proof Your Marriage is going to help you build a thriving medical marriage.

This is a very inexpensive investment in your marriage. A weekend marriage retreat will cost upwards of $1000 between food, registration, lodging, and vacation time. This course is just a fraction of that cost and you can complete it on your own time!

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Free Resource: 32 Easy Ways to Celebrate Your Team Members

To help you improve your employee experience, as well as your customer experience, I have a great free resource for you this week. It’s a free pdf download called “32 Easy Ways to Celebrate Your Team Members.” This free resource offers a lot of ideas for finding fun and creative ways to recognize your team members for the work they do. There are a lot of free or very inexpensive ideas in here. Take a moment each week to recognize your team members for doing a great job or for upholding your company’s values in a meaningful way, or for finding ways to improve the customer experience.

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