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Pod Chat

Pod Chat

Danny Brown

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You love podcasting. It doesn't matter if you're a listener or podcaster yourself, when it comes to podcasting you're all in! Not only that, but you get excited hearing about all the cool things happening in the podcast space. Great - Pod Chat is the show for you! From the latest tech and cool innovations, to the people driving the podcast industry forward, host Danny Brown has you covered. Listen in as Danny takes you behind the scenes of what's new in podcasting, what needs to be new, and who's going to make it happen. Released bi-weekly and available on all your favourite podcast apps, make Pod Chat your new favourite show when it comes to getting your podcasting fix! This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Podder - https://www.podderapp.com/privacy-policy OP3 - https://op3.dev/privacy Chartable - https://chartable.com/privacy Podtrac - https://analytics.podtrac.com/privacy-policy-gdrp
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Goodpods has curated a list of the 10 best Pod Chat episodes, ranked by the number of listens and likes each episode have garnered from our listeners. If you are listening to Pod Chat for the first time, there's no better place to start than with one of these standout episodes. If you are a fan of the show, vote for your favorite Pod Chat episode by adding your comments to the episode page.

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Podcast Q&A

Why did you start this show?

To bring the smartest minds in the industry to the show, and share their unique take on podcasting and the trends shaping it.

What do you hope listeners gain from listening to your show?

A clear understanding of the podcasting industry, and what you need to be doing and paying attention to when it comes to the success of your podcast(s).

Which episode should someone start with?

Episode 9 - Tom Webster: Why We Need Better Education in Podcast Advertising, and Programmatic Is Not Evil

Which have been your favourite episodes so far?

Honestly, every episode has been awesome because each guest has shared something different, from adtech to accessibility, inclusivity in podcasting and more.

Which episode are you most proud of?

I love every single episode, so that's not really a fair question, haha! But I do have a soft spot for Episode 6 - Elsie Escobar on Leading From the Front for Women and Diversity in Podcasting. This was such an important discussion around the ongoing problem of representation in the industry.

What is your vision for your show?

To be one of the go-to's for any podcaster looking to get the best insights around this wonderful industry we call home.

What is your favourite other podcast that isn't yours?

I really like 7 Good Minutes Daily Self-Improvement Podcast, as a great way to start every day with an inspirational message about improving your well-being.

How did you come up with the name for your podcast?

Well, it's a podcast, and I chat to people in the podcast space, so Pod Chat was a given. :)

Tell us a bit about yourself

I'm the host of Pod Chat, One Minute Podcast Tips, The Little Pod of Inspiration, Podcaster Stories, as well as co-host of Mental Health and Us with my wife, Jaclyn. I'm the Head of Podcaster Experience and Support at Captivate.fm, the world's only growth-oriented podcast hosting, distribution, analytics, and monetization platform. I live in beautiful Muskoka, Ontario, Canada with my wife and two kids, where I spend winters in front of a cozy fire and summers by the lake.

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How many episodes does Pod Chat have?

Pod Chat currently has 23 episodes available.

What topics does Pod Chat cover?

The podcast is about News, Tech News, Podcasts and Technology.

What is the most popular episode on Pod Chat?

The episode title 'Evo Terra on Podcasting in 2005 to Where Podcasting Goes Next' is the most popular.

What is the average episode length on Pod Chat?

The average episode length on Pod Chat is 25 minutes.

How often are episodes of Pod Chat released?

Episodes of Pod Chat are typically released every 18 days, 4 hours.

When was the first episode of Pod Chat?

The first episode of Pod Chat was released on Feb 17, 2022.

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