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Ops Cast, by, is a podcast for Marketing Operations Pros by Marketing Ops Pros. Hosted by Michael Hartmann, Mike Rizzo & Naomi Liu

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On today's episode we talk about the broken nature of (Marketing) project management with Amara Omoregie, President of amaraREPS.
Amara Omoregie has an inbound sales and marketing agency, amaraREPS, and is a speaker. With a passion for using her expertise and strategic approach from working with and supporting a vast number of companies, including Fortune 500 businesses, to build startups and small businesses, she’s been able to help companies generate and raise millions of dollars in capital through investment and product/service sales.

Her vision is to create an environment where entrepreneurs and businesses can obtain top quality sales, marketing/revenue operations, and implementation support, but can also have access to resources and education for the latest marketing and business development best practices that they need to employ for their innovative brands and products.
Tune in to hear:
- An overview of Amara's career, what led her to start your business and why she has a passion for project management.
- Major lessons she's learned about streamlining product management and project management.
- What Amara means when she says, “marketing project management is not just about systems, it is more about data and data management.”
- Suggestions she has for listeners who are facing challenges with impact of discipline (or lack thereof) on data, SLAs, on a marketing or marketing operations team’s ability to execute efficiently.

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