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Harry Morgan

JOG ON is a podcast about the joy of running. Hosted by Harry Morgan, we produce main guest episodes, as well as Jogging Shorts - shorter episodes on a variety of stories from the running world. If you enjoy JOG ON, recommend us to a friend who may also enjoy listening.


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A project to try and take Ami in just 4 weeks to her first ever 5K

For the video versions of this podcast:

The videos about Ami's journey to parkrun will be available on the YouTube channel:

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A recent stint of 10 days in Font Romeu saw me training at altitudes of 1,400-1,900 metres. But is just 10 days enough to see any changes in one's running? I spoke with University Professor Charlie Pedlar about the effects of altitude training for a runner.

For the full video chat with Charlie:

For the main video about my time in Font Romeu:

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Jack Rowe is a fast man. After humble beginnings in cross country, he began to enjoy his running more and more. Now with a 28:06 10K to his name - he is flying. It was a pleasure to sit down with Jack and discuss his journey.

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Phily Bowden is a gifted runner, about to take on her first marathon. We discuss her time at the University of Oregon and the improvement she experienced in her running when changing up the quality and quantity of training.

The Nike video:

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"JOG ON has a lot to do with the pure act of running, but if you look closely, it's about something else as well. Connecting people through a love of running and adventure."

Video version:

Find the results here:

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SIGN UP for the Last Run of 2021 here:

For the VIDEO version of this announcement:

The Last Run of 2021 is a virtual event from JOG ON with a 10K and marathon distance to choose from. The event will be held from December 16th - December 31st 2021 and submissions must be in (email your results to by the end of January 1st 2022.

Thank you to Rees Leisure, organisers of Southampton Marathon, for their support with this event, it's great to work with them and be able to provide these wonderful medals and tops.

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Maya Jobbins is someone who makes the act of running look effortless.

JOG ON is a podcast that explores running and adventure, find us on any podcast app.

For JOG ON videos and podcast episodes and to access the JOG ON shop:

The JOG ON video channel:

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I recently received an email from a man called Steve King, he and and his partner Amanda follow JOG ON, and Steve decided to send me a story about a very special morning at his local parkrun, Market Harborough in Leicestershire.

Thank you to Steve King for this story, it will be on our website where you can also see the photo of Steve and the brothers, along with the story.

If you think you have a running story you’d like to write a page or two about, you can send it to us at and you never know, it might be selected for a JOG ON podcast episode.

If you'd like to support us you can buy a JOG ON top at:

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Georgia Taylor-Brown is a gifted and driven human with whom I got a rare chance to speak with about her experiences at the Olympics, including getting a puncture and winning gold.

I hope that you enjoy this episode and get inspiration from her story, and if you want to help us out in some small way, share this episode with a friend.

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Videos of JOG ON podcast episodes:

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Winner of English Schools' Woody Jerome sat down with me to talk about his journey after early success whilst still young. We discussed the pressures that can come with achieving so much so quickly and why he still continues with his running when so many peers and friends have dropped away. Woody will be heading to America to train in the coming years, and this was a chance to have a conversation before he leaves England to chase the dream of running in the mountains.

For the video version with Woody:

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