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Harness your strengths, develop a growth mindset, become more resilient – and succeed. This is the Commit podcast with Ireland’s leading performance coach, Enda McNulty. Make your mind and body stronger and unlock your full potential. Produced by
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Ciara Doherty is this week's guest on the Commit podcast and she talks about a life of resilience and taking control of your life and your own decisions.

Her life has not been without its obstacles or difficulties, from being a single Mum finishing college, to working as a woman in the construction industry, but she has shown that determination and self-belief will see you succeed.

Now a very successful civil engineer with H&J Martin Construction, Ciara also talks about a recent visit to Rwanda with the Bridges to Prosperity charity and how much she learned from the local villagers in overcoming the toughest of environments.

"The biggest thing I saw was how resilient the people are," she says. "They are close to each other, resourceful and agile in everything they do. They don’t have a choice."

For more from on improving your performance and well-being culture, just go to for more insights and information.

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'The greatest gift you can give is investment in yourself,' says Sinead Kane on this week's Commit podcast and at the age of 17 she decided to be more pro-active and take control of her life.

Being born with 95% blindness, growing up was about being left on the sidelines, but at 17, when a guidance counsellor said she shouldn't pursue law in college, that was when she decided to choose to be visionary, not blind.

Incredibly, since she took up running six years ago at the age of 30, Sinead has completed the seven marathons on seven continents in seven days challenge, as well running in 12 hour and 24 hour races and holding the world record for distance run on a treadmill.

'Being optimistic is difficult and I struggle every day with it. The biggest bully in my life is myself,' she admits, but her success in life far outweighs any negative self-talk.

We all make excuses for not succeeding and Sinead has more excuses than most, but her achievements are a reason for the rest of us to try and catch up.

For more insights and information from Ireland's leading Performance company go to and to find out about Sinead's next running challenge, visit her on

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Enda McNulty, CEO of McNulty Performance, and an All Ireland winner with Armagh in 2002, looks ahead to Sunday’s All Ireland between Dublin and Tyrone and can’t wait for the tactical chess game that will unfold...

"There’s a great sense of excitement in the week of an All Ireland final, and even after all these years even though I’m not playing, I can’t wait for the Tyrone v Dublin clash. If you’re from Ulster you support your own people to do well and I believe Tyrone have what it takes to win this game.

In terms of mindset they have to believe they can win and that Dublin are beatable. Tyrone just need to be within touching distance in the last few minutes and then Dublin can be really tested under pressure. "

For more insights and information on Performance, Culture and Well Being, go to

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Standing up on stage to make jokes is one of the scariest things many people can imagine doing, but facing up to your fears and making brave decisions is one of the hallmarks of Jarlath Reagan’s life and career, including the donation of one of his kidneys to his brother.

On this week’s Commit episode, we speak to the comedian and host of the hugely successful, An Irishman Abroad podcast, about following his passion, having the right mindset to succeed, and overcoming your fears.

For more insights and information go to

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It's holiday season and whether you're away for three days or three weeks, we're setting you a simple mission: total rejuvenation. But can you do it?

Can you commit to rebooting, recharging, refreshing and recommitting to your physical, mental and spiritual well-being while away?

Go easy on the margaritas, don't have too many late nights, keep yourself active, and try new things with your family and friends.

Whether you're in the boardroom, running your own business, or in professional sport, take the time to rejuvenate yourself completely.

For more insights and information from Ireland's leading performance company, go to

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"It’s a hundred times more difficult to create unity of purpose for an organisation with thousands of employees across the world than a football squad at the World Cup," explains Enda McNulty on this week's episode of the Commit podcast.

" However, the same approach is applicable. First is the who then comes the what. Ensuring you’ve the right people in your team; ensuring there’s a good environment to be working in; ensuring the right executive team is in place. These are the pillars for success."

Enda was also joined by McNulty Performance's partner, Paul Corry, a former professional footballer in England who gave insights into just how far behind club football is when it comes to new training techniques and approaches.

For more information on unlocking your potential in business and life, go to

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Great leaders aren't just born, it is a skill that can also be developed, explains Enda McNulty on this week's Commit podcast.

Great leaders are adaptable, are decisive, engage, empower, excite and enable those around them. Why not start on your own leadership journey today?

Start with your own leadership journal and reflect on your leadership strengths, then appraise your areas for leadership development. Finally, identify your leadership goals in the next twelve months, develop a massive action plan and commit to it every single day.

For more insights and information, go to

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As part of National Workplace Wellbeing Day, we've got a special bonus podcast episode for you. McNulty Performance fitness and energy management advisers, Austin McNulty and Sean Draper talk to Enda about some of their best short and simple tips for making sure you are fit and healthy for work and daily living.

For more:

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This week's podcast is celebrating National Workplace Wellbeing Day but Enda, and fitness and energy management adviser, Austin O'Malley, explain why the principles of wellbeing must be lived 24/7.

Giving one example, they discuss Costa Rica's principles of 'Pura Vida' - or the good life - and how and why we can all embrace natural movement, healthy eating and slowing down into all of our lives.

For more:

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Our gift to you this Christmas is a plan to help you flourish over Christmas from a family, friendship, fitness and focus point of view.

Flourishing is about making the most out of your life, the opposite of suffering and negativity. It doesn’t just happen, you have to plan for it and allow yourself to get into the flourishing state.

With that in mind, let Enda McNulty, CEO of McNulty Performance, take you through the 5 Fs for flourishing at Christmas time: Family, Fitness, Festivities, Food and Focus.

“Every year I train on Christmas Day by going for a run and have been doing so since I was 14 years of age,” says Enda. “I urge people to think about planning your Christmas to maximise it and allow you to flourish over the holiday period.”

For more from Ireland's leading performance and well-being company, go to

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How many episodes does Commit have?

Commit currently has 22 episodes available.

What topics does Commit cover?

The podcast is about Health & Fitness, Resilience, Mental Health, Mindset, Personal Development, Growth, Podcasts, Self-Improvement and Education.

What is the most popular episode on Commit?

The episode title 'Resilience & Leadership from Ireland to Rwanda' is the most popular.

What is the average episode length on Commit?

The average episode length on Commit is 18 minutes.

How often are episodes of Commit released?

Episodes of Commit are typically released every 14 days, 5 hours.

When was the first episode of Commit?

The first episode of Commit was released on Feb 22, 2017.

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