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COFFEE CULTURE with Holly Shannon

COFFEE CULTURE with Holly Shannon

Holly Shannon

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This is your coffee podcast and your newest addiction. I'm Holly Shannon, what are you pouring today coffee lovers? Join me for a cup of connection. We will sip, share, and come completely unfiltered, this Coffee podcast is Brewed for Connection. Let me give you the dark roast first, coffee is figurative, are we really meeting up for the shot of caffeine, or are we craving connection? Are you dating? Swipe right for that coffee date! Maybe coffee is your new black! What about coffee culture? Why are Europeans so into their coffee and make fun of our American brew? We will learn why cappuccinos are against the law in the afternoon in Italy, just kidding! Do we need to know about the supply chain and bean sustainability, climate change and its effects on growth of our beloved beans? Is their true crime happening to coffee farmers? How about caffeine for performance? Do you add adaptogens, mushrooms, CBD or THC? Do you have Bulletproof coffee with collagen powder before working out or for recovery after exercise? What are you adding to your coffee? I’ll be talking to you intermittent fasting warriors too! How about that lighter roast chat? How to brew your best espresso? Let’s go visit the baristas and the little coffee shops we adore. Do you listen to Spotify playlists designed for coffee shop listening? Is it really just the vibe? What about brunch? Espresso martinis, bloody Mary or mimosas! Mixologists are having a lot of fun with that liquid nitrogen brew. Do you prefer your coffee addiction with a side of sugar? Yes, I’m thinking about Tiramisu, chocolates, bourbon, beer, so many delicious coffee indulgences, I’ll find them and share them with you. I know there are some cult favorites too. How do you really feel about pumpkin spiced latte? Are you team Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts? Regular vs. decaf? I know you have opinions here! How did Coffee tables earn that moniker? Is the TV show Friends finally opening Central Perk in 2023? How do you make the best coffee? Let’s learn how to make the best pot of your pour over, french press, drip, and cold brew. So here’s the tea, just kidding, drink coffee for clarity, focus, your health or an excuse to socialize. But make no mistake, coffee is about connection. Join me, Holly Shannon, on my podcast, Coffee. Follow me on social so we can sip together and be a part of this community, there will be Youtube video how-to’s, and NPR style interviews. Life can be hard, but coffee helps. Coffee Culture is Season 5 and dives into the coffee meetup for friendship and connection. It’s not always about the coffee but our need to be there for each other. Both personally and professionally we use coffee as an excuse to gather. But sometimes it is about the brew. This season will address our addiction and allegiance to coffee and fun facts around coffee culture. There will be shorter content for a little sip. Also there will be robust conversation and stories around nostalgia and unique experiences like a coffee meditation. Think of it as our dark roast together. Either way, Coffee is the new black! If you are new to this podcast, my past content here on Culture Factor has traversed 4 seasons! Season 1 covered topics about company culture from the c-suite during a pandemic. It shifted in Season 2 to company culture from the perspective of emerging leaders that were navigating the new normal in the remote work economy. Season 3 dove into emerging technologies in the Web3 space in an educational format creating simplicity out of new topics. It was for the NFT curious and the Web3 confused. Season 4 took an NPR style approach interviewing artists, collectors and businesses. Understanding connection, the value of art and the why behind this new creator economy. How to reach me and Social links here: Email [email protected] Website: Zero To Podcast on Amazon
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How many episodes does COFFEE CULTURE with Holly Shannon have?

COFFEE CULTURE with Holly Shannon currently has 161 episodes available.

What topics does COFFEE CULTURE with Holly Shannon cover?

The podcast is about Friends, Coding, Blockchain, Culture, Cryptocurrency, Bulletproof, Coffee, Intermittent Fasting, Tech, Team, Venture Capital, Leadership, Entrepreneur, Business Strategy, Human, How To, Podcasting, Author, Crypto, Startups, Freelance, Climate Change, Podcast, Podcasts, Connection, Self-Improvement, Technology, Education, Influential, Ceo, Leaders, Business Education, Trading, Business, Industry, Innovation, Coaching, Strategy, Java, Freelancer and Network.

What is the most popular episode on COFFEE CULTURE with Holly Shannon?

The episode title 'The Dude Who Invented Mr. Coffee with Blake Louis' is the most popular.

What is the average episode length on COFFEE CULTURE with Holly Shannon?

The average episode length on COFFEE CULTURE with Holly Shannon is 33 minutes.

How often are episodes of COFFEE CULTURE with Holly Shannon released?

Episodes of COFFEE CULTURE with Holly Shannon are typically released every 7 days.

When was the first episode of COFFEE CULTURE with Holly Shannon?

The first episode of COFFEE CULTURE with Holly Shannon was released on Apr 20, 2020.

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