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Clear talking from Anderson Strathern discussing what matters to you and your business


In this series of podcasts, law firm Anderson Strathern invites guests to discuss the business and personal matters affecting us all at this time and as we navigate our way through lockdown. In these useful interviews, we discuss what's happening in the business world now and what it may look like when we emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic.These podcasts are for UK listeners and the content provided in them is for general information purposes only, they are not included for the purpose of providing any party with legal advice or other professional advice. Anderson Strathern LLP explicitly excludes any liability for any loss (of whatever nature) which may arise from any reliance by any party on any content or opinions published on this podcast series. The information in them covers opinion provided by our guest speakers and is not Anderson Strathern's opinion.

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We move – no matter what happens, we go forward. We remain resilient. And we stay positive.

The future can only be better. We can’t change the world but let’s make a dent.

This is the philosophy of Enoch Adeyemi, founder of Black Professionals Scotland (BPS). In our latest podcast, he joins employment law expert, Musab Hemsi, to discuss his story and what led him to starting the organisation, which is now almost 2000-strong.

When Enoch secured his first professional role in Scotland, he knew his financial future would be relatively comfortable. He then looked around him and realised that his peers weren’t all in the same boat. So, he decided to build a raft.

His initial goal was simply to help other Black people secure professional roles, but BPS has evolved to become much greater than that. It is now effectively the gateway for professional organisations across Scotland to access Black talent, and for Black individuals to access and excel in professional roles. Further it provides education to organisations, which is already making a positive impact by increasing the hiring and retention of diverse talent within large professional and public service organisations in Scotland.

The BPS movement came from a place of gratitude. Enoch’s goals are to help brightness and intelligence to shine, to help people grow into their roles and in many cases, into new ways of living and understanding new cultures too.

Listen to the podcast to discover the impact that Enoch and his team have already made, and to hear what their plans are for the future.

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The transition to a low carbon economy is bringing both risk and commercial opportunity. One result of that is that interest in Environmental Social Governance (ESG) strategies is rising rapidly. If your business is considering writing its ESG strategy, or if you’d like to understand more about the specifics contributing to their mounting prominence, this podcast is for you.

In this episode, partner and renewable energy law expert, Martin Whiteford, is joined by Katie Jeffery, associate at ITP Energised, and Rupert Clark-Lowes, founder and director of Orbis Advisory. They discuss the multiple factors that combine to support the notion that every company should have a clear ESG strategy.

ESG factors are progressively impacting the business value of companies across all sectors. Customers are increasingly inspecting businesses and scrutinising their ESG frameworks prior to making the decision to purchase goods and services. This is putting pressure onto businesses to demonstrate sustainability, transparency, and ultimately, a more candid way of working.

One example of this is that investment managers are experiencing growing pressure to ensure that investments are sustainable and that the companies that their clients are investing with are striving toward reaching net-zero targets. Further, limited partners and pensions funds are increasingly putting pressure on the companies that they invest assets into to demonstrate sustainability. There are many similar examples across the full spectrum of industries, some of which we discuss during the episode.

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