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The Secret Room, The Press Box, and Monster Presents: Insomniac


01/12/20 • 31 min

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This week Zane has a secret... well, many secret in fact. His recommendation is The Secret Room and looks at the stories no one ever tells. Nick takes a look at the media taking a look at politics through a comedic lens with The Press Box. And then Liz brings a podcast not because she loves it but because she's not sure. Does she actually like Monster Presents: Insomniac or does she just really want to like it?

Liz Recommends - Monster Presents: Insomniac (or does she?)

For the first time ever, Liz is bringing a podcast she isn't actually sure if she likes or not. I mean, she wants to like it because it's an interesting twist on the true crime podcast but... she just isn't sure. GROUP CONSENSUS TIME!

“This podcast began with a simple, scary premise: to research the disturbing and horrific routines of lesser known serial killers. Host Scott Benjamin wanted to learn more about what made them tick, and why they did these terrible things. But, slowly, Benjamin’s research started to affect him, consuming him day and night. It followed him home at night and into his bed. The work turned him into an insomniac.”

See, Liz’s instinct would be to, um, STOP RESEARCHING KILLERS if her sleep was affected. But no, Scott has decided he needs to work through it to be able to put it to bed, so to speak. Is he actually becoming derranged himself? Listen to find out.

For both: Pick any one except the Genosee River Killer because goddamn that's a hard listen.

Nick Recommends - The Press Box

The Ringer’s Bryan Curtis and David Shoemaker catch you up on the biggest media stories, from sports to politics and everything in between.

For either: Take ya pick!

Zane Recommends - The Secret Room

What’s the one thing you’ve never told anybody? Ben Hamm explores the stories no one ever tells in The Secret Room. This is an interview podcast where the host, Ben Hamm, talks to people from all over the world about the secrets they have kept hidden away.

For Nick: Nindaddy's Secret

For Liz: Revenge

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The Irrationally Exuberant


Feb 26

Castology reviewed my show and i somehow missed it. They did a beautiful job. These are some of the best reactions since I met a listener that had assumed I was wheelchair bound, for some reason. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: My proposal to sink Australia was satire, mostly. You have some lovely people on that terrifying island.



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