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Caregiver's Compass

Stephanie Muskat

This is Caregiver's Compass. An uplifting, inspirational podcast talking about all things caregiving. Therapist Stephanie Muskat takes you through real-life caregiving stories from her own therapeutic experience and gives you the raw and personal on her own caregiving experiences as a young caregiver. Plus hear from tons of incredible experts and caregivers who are living through their day-to-day journeys. It's all here at Caregiver's Compass.

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In this episode, Stephanie speaks to nurse and caregiving consultant, Karen Lake, as she discusses how she went from caring for patients as a nurse in an inpatient hospital setting to providing consultations and assisting caregivers with their overall support systems and system navigation.

About Karen Lake: Karen proudly works as a professional Caregiving Consultant and Care Navigator; called to offer this service to families after working as a Registered Nurse in Home Health Care for 25 years. She has a special passion for supporting, guiding, and directing family members to be the best they can be in their caregiving role, to help them make informed choices, to be prepared and to confidently navigate the complex issues that come with caring for a loved one. Karen has seen the emotional struggles that family members face as they attempt to balance caregiving with the other demands of life; children, career, retirement and illness. And so, she has made it her mission to serve and support family members of aging loved ones in the Fredericton area, and beyond.

Gathering her years of experience and expertise, she has carefully crafted comprehensive programs that are tailored to meet each family’s specific needs. When not supporting her clients, she collaborates on other projects, such as the first ever Death Expo in Atlantic Canada, Caregivers Wellness Retreats, Caregiver Wellness Expos and has more recently ventured into the world of research working on several projects that support Family Caregivers.

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