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Big Better Best Books

Katarina Wallentin

With Authors, Readers & Other Endangered Species. Welcome to the Big, Better, Best Books podcast, a different kind of conversation with writers, illustrators, publishers, and book lovers from all around the globe. True storytelling is an art that refuses to die, a magic that will not be diminished. Every first page is the beginning of something new, a dance between author and reader that has never existed before. What creates a tale we get lost in? A story that touches us? What is fan fiction and why can't our kids get enough of it? Where is that elusive road to publication? And how do you write a book that changes the world? Your guide is author, speaker and dreamer – Katarina Wallentin. Come join us!

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Do you have the magical capacity of awareness? Today’s guest is Diva Diaz, a woman of many talents who has also recently become a children’s book author. Her first book is called Magia and the Feelings That Flew...Away, a book with a melody, one that takes you on a journey that children and adults of all ages can learn from and enjoy.

Magia is a little girl who lives in a magical land where many things are the opposite of what they appear to be. The book follows Magia’s journey to school one morning as she encounters different things and takes on the same feelings as those things. But she realizes those feelings she has are not her; it’s just her awareness of the world around her.

In Diva’s personal life, she works with something in Access Consciousness called X-Men, which is about how aware we truly are. Listen to learn about the difference between sensitivity and awareness, and how what we think is so wrong about us is actually our greatest strength, power, and ability.

Key takeaways:

  • The traditional form of rhyming: a melodious journey
  • What’s the difference between sensitivity and awareness?
  • Getting back to the core of who we were before we learned to be scared, doubtful, or untrusting
  • There’s nothing wrong with any child, it’s about the capacity behind the behavior
  • A huge door is opening for children labeled with autism, ADHD, and other “disabilities”
  • Asking questions that empower your children
  • The next Magia book: what new adventures will she go on and what will she learn?


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What is one of your best book experiences? Talking about your favorite books can be a difficult conversation, especially if you’re an avid reader like today’s two lovely guests, because books serve different functions in different times and different areas of our lives.

Rebecca Hulse and Marilyn Bradford join Katarina today to discuss the books that have made the greatest impression on them in different periods of their lives, and how these books have impacted their lives.

Listen to open up new possibilities with books, discover new books, and learn how certain books find you, change you, and show you that other realities are possible beyond this reality.

Key takeaways:

  • Choosing the best book is impossible
  • Opening up whole new worlds of possibilities with books
  • Different books give us different things at different times of our lives
  • What is one of your best book experiences?
  • Characters who choose something greater
  • It’s not always about how well-written a book is, it’s about a sense of something greater
  • When the experience is over, what next?


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