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61: The Weight of a Whisper: Erin Interviews Rafat Fields

61: The Weight of a Whisper: Erin Interviews Rafat Fields

b Cause Work Doesn't Have to Suck
Life often whispers at you. If you don't listen, it gets louder and louder. But what if you not only listened, but used it as the thing that powered you to rise to new heights? This week, Erin interviews Rafat Fields, Founder of Powered to Rise. Rafat is a woman small in stature but gigantic in spirit. They discuss everything from her career ups and downs to her son's autism to her journey from obesity to competitive USA weightlifting. Rafat also helps you to see that your personal brand is the key to unlocking success for you and your company. Rafat tells us that she has an addiction to being in control, something that's likely relatable to a lot of us. She talks about a time in her life where she felt a lack of talent or ability, of always trying to live up to standards expected of her (or of herself), and how it had massive negative effects on her mindset and quality of life at work. So, Erin asks her to discuss why she started feeling this way. She discusses her son's autism, how that affected decisions at the time involving work and where to settle. She moves on to discuss her weight, and her journey from being obese to becoming a competitive athlete. They also talk about the power that your own values and personal brand can have on your success within your own company, whether you're the CEO, a sales person, or just about anyone in the company. Finally, Erin and Rafat discuss how she is feeling, as a black woman living in America, in light of recent events. "Exhausted", Rafat replies. Rafat is an incredibly humble and inspiring soul. This is not an episode you want to miss! Follow Rafat @ Facebook: Linkedin: If you like jammin' with us on the podcast, b sure to join us for more fun and inspiration! Here are some options... Check out the b BRILLIANT career coaching program @ b Cause Podcast Facebook group @ We share even more crazy stuff here (you probably thought that was impossible). Take our simple, fun and insightful "What Kind of Dog Are You At Work?" by going to We have so much fun stuff going on...we wouldn't want you to miss out - join the authenticity movement and our community by adding your email just about anywhere @ Check out our blog for more of our no-BS career advice @ We have fun and inspiring t-shirts @ DISCLAIMER: This episode is not explicit, though contains mild swearing that may be unsuitable for younger audiences. Tweetable Comments: "I think what shaped me most in my youth was being an only child." "You had an addiction to being in control." "There's this conditioning and training, that you'll have to work twice as hard, to get half as far." "There was a point where I couldn't think of a single thing I was good at." "Weightlifting in general, I do five or six times a week. And for me it's about breathing, the music I play. Giving myself time to relieve tension." "The soundtrack to my life is 50% Beyoncé, 50% gospel music." "It's not just the values of the organization, it's the values of the leader." " if you want people to connect with your company, tell a story." "Systemic racism is there, but we can't live that emotion every day and still function, so we compartmentalize, we keep moving forward." "I do not see myself as an expert at solving the problem, but I've always been good at building relationships and connecting people." "I think a lot of people see silence as complicit behavior."

06/23/20 • 57 min

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