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60: bCause Black Lives Matter

b Cause Work Doesn't Have to Suck
Erin and Nicole sit down, in light of the death of George Floyd, to discuss a truly pressing topic; how do we hold institutions and ourselves authentically accountable for basic and supposed inalienable rights, like equality, racial justice, and diversity? Erin and Nicole - while acknowledging the conversations being between two white women of means - reflect on the very nature of racism and recognizing it in ourselves as something as simple as passive indifference, inaction or avoidance. From there, they consider how we all get to a place where black and brown communities, first and foremost, are treated with dignity and value by default. Nicole and Erin take on a tough conversation about centers of power and institutions; which just like corporations need to consider what continuous improvement and systematic change looks like - especially when people's lives depend on it. They also consider the power of incentives and creating places and spaces where people can come together individually and collectively to see each other as people, while recognizing what investing in each other really looks like. And while it may not be that hard in theory, they know that shifting mindset and human behavior long term is very hard to do. But because even a global health crisis, massive economic disruption and global social unrest can't keep Erin's positive energy from flowing, she announces that she has reached a career "bucket list" goal: Being selected to give TEDx Talk on October 10th in New York. Erin and Nicole find humor in the ambiguous process even to apply to TEDx, with Erin ultimately finding that making it a family affair served her authentically to bring her right to the TEDx stage! If you like jammin' with us on the podcast, b sure to join us for more fun and inspiration! Here are some options... Check out the b BRILLIANT career coaching program @ b Cause Podcast Facebook group @ We share even more crazy stuff here (you probably thought that was impossible). Take our simple, fun and insightful "What Kind of Dog Are You At Work?" by going to We have so much fun stuff going on...we wouldn't want you to miss out - join the authenticity movement and our community by adding your email just about anywhere @ Check out our blog for more of our no-BS career advice @ We have fun and inspiring t-shirts @ DISCLAIMER: This episode is not explicit, though contains mild swearing that may be unsuitable for younger audiences. Tweetable Comments: "I feel for the first time in a long time, that I need to have a good honest conversation with myself about the choices I am making, and the kind of citizen that I'm being and how I am rising up diverse people." "It comes down to: how do you spend your money, who do you have at your kitchen's really that simple." "Racism is...passive indifference. Or inaction. It's a form of ignorance. It's not even showing up." "If we're going to hold ourselves to a higher standard, let's actually hold ourselves to a higher standard." "There's no reason why, in this country, people shouldn't have a level of support." "Minority groups have buying power, speaking power, and you need to consider how to gain their trust." "I don't know how to tell anybody to think anything or do anything. But I know I can do things in my own life that allow me to walk around the earth in a more open way." "Everything is amplified. The good is great, and the bad...friggen sucks." "The reason we have a gender diversity issue is because the best talent is opting out, out of fear of compromise." "The only thing that had time to go through my head was "Thank frickin' lord I showered today." "If I'm the selection out of spite, I'll take it."

06/16/20 • 60 min

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