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Ask the Doulas Podcast

Ask the Doulas Podcast

Gold Coast Doulas

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2 Creators

Welcome to Ask the Doulas! This podcast is tailored to expectant parents and those with newborns or toddlers at home. It is also great for those who are in the early stages of their fertility journeys. Gain insights and guidance from the experts themselves on becoming a parent no matter if this is your first baby or your fifth. The featured doulas offer trusted support, sharing effective self-care and early parenting approaches. Let them be your trusted coaches as you make optimal decisions for your well-being and your children's lives.
Whether you're preparing for the arrival of your first child or seeking to improve upon past pregnancies, this show offers a comprehensive guide to alleviate your anxieties and concerns. Discover strategies for maintaining a nourishing diet, staying hydrated, and navigating the intricacies of maternity leave. When nurturing a new life within, rest assured that these experts have your back with their trusted, evidence-based resources.
This show delves into effectively navigating the post-pregnancy phase. Tune in for insights from doulas who provide guidance on lactation support, newborn care, sleep consulting, and more. A crucial topic addressed is postpartum depression, a challenging period for many mothers. Hear valuable advice from therapists and other experts on managing this situation with grace, empowering you to become an even stronger and more resilient mother.
Kristin Revere, birth doula, newborn care specialist, childbirth educator, and postpartum doula, is the delightful co-host of the podcast. With a fervent dedication to supporting fellow women, Kristin's journey began in 2011 after the birth of her daughter. Immersed in the realm of pregnancies, her exploration propelled her to engage doulas for guidance during her second pregnancy. The profound experience inspired her to establish Gold Coast Doulas, her own company specializing in this invaluable profession. Kristin and her team offer judgment-free support from conception through the first year.
Co-host Alyssa Veneklase is a sleep consultant, bed rest doula, parent educator, and postpartum doula with Gold Coast Doulas. Alyssa expanded her expertise to support expectant mothers during pregnancy and newborn care, teaching them the art of restful sleep even while caring for their precious infants. While she has also ventured into the world of real estate, her passion as a doula continues to burn brightly.
With a collective 19 years of experience as doulas, Kristin and Alyssa boast advanced certifications across various areas of their field. With their unmatched expertise, they bring a wealth of invaluable advice to every mother out there. Guiding each conversation effortlessly, just like friends chatting over coffee, they provide the insights you need in an engaging and entertaining manner. Prepare to be captivated and enlightened!
Pregnancy, maternity, and fertility encompass profound and intricate aspects of a mother's journey. However, no parent has to face these experiences alone. Alongside supportive partners and fellow moms, seeking guidance from doulas is a valuable resource. Kristin and Alyssa are here to share their exceptional expertise and the wisdom of esteemed professionals in this field. Learn from the top experts in the birth and baby industry when you choose Ask the Doulas! Listen to the podcast on your favorite podcast player. Check out their birth and baby prep course at www.thebecomingcourse.com/join/. Read their book "Supported: Your Guide to Birth and Baby at www.supportedbook.com. Supported is available in hardcover, paperback, Kindle, or audiobook format.

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Top 10 Ask the Doulas Podcast Episodes

Goodpods has curated a list of the 10 best Ask the Doulas Podcast episodes, ranked by the number of listens and likes each episode have garnered from our listeners. If you are listening to Ask the Doulas Podcast for the first time, there's no better place to start than with one of these standout episodes. If you are a fan of the show, vote for your favorite Ask the Doulas Podcast episode by adding your comments to the episode page.

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How many episodes does Ask the Doulas Podcast have?

Ask the Doulas Podcast currently has 251 episodes available.

What topics does Ask the Doulas Podcast cover?

The podcast is about Health & Fitness, Parenting, Kids & Family, Fertility, Motherhood, Pregnancy, Podcasts and Birth.

What is the most popular episode on Ask the Doulas Podcast?

The episode title 'Navigating Parental Leave with Linzay Davis, Founder of The Park' is the most popular.

What is the average episode length on Ask the Doulas Podcast?

The average episode length on Ask the Doulas Podcast is 23 minutes.

How often are episodes of Ask the Doulas Podcast released?

Episodes of Ask the Doulas Podcast are typically released every 7 days.

When was the first episode of Ask the Doulas Podcast?

The first episode of Ask the Doulas Podcast was released on Oct 28, 2017.

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