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Living a life of Love, Joy and Bold Courage

A Meaningful Life By Design

07/22/20 • 41 min

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IntroductionToday’s amazing guest is Colleen Shell, an Emotional Intelligence and Transformational coach by title, in reality she also leads a movement of powerful female leadership and change throughout the world.Today’s conversation is a truly uplifting, heartwarming and empowering conversation. This is a must listen episode for anyone who wants to look at, and treat the world, and their relationships, with reverence. If you want to up-level as an authentic version of you in the world, this is a must-listen podcast. If you’ve reached a level of success but have found yourself not lite up or aligned to your prestigious, fancy/shiny/well -paid but not fulfulling job, I’d highly suggest you listen in. This is a podcast about knowing and being you,and owning who you are boldly and beautifully.About the GuestHere’s a little more about Colleen – aka – her bio.Colleen is committed is to empower effective feminine leadership through love, joy, and bold courage. She does this by teaching women, who want to make a difference, how powerful they actually are through her training course at Warrioress Training.She leverages the power of emotional intelligence and transformational education to help people access their true leadership abilities and take actions that empower their leadership commitments. She has had the honor to work with leaders at Fortune 500 companies including Google, Intel, Microsoft, and Adidas as well as hundreds of bold entrepreneurs making their mark in Silicon Valley and around the globeThroughout her life, Colleen has been committed to positively impacting the lives of children who deal with poverty, no access to education, and life-threatening situations. This includes raising hundreds of thousands of dollars to save an orphanage in Guatemala, going to hospitals to participate in play therapy with children with incurable diseases, and supporting a leadership program for children in Haiti.Colleen currently lives between Ubud, Bali and Sydney, Australia and is writing a book about love and intimacy called ‘The Art of the Torrid Love Affair.”Podcast ConclusionToday, Collen is a women who stands for love, joy and bold courage and has done and continues to do incredible things. I’m not going to say too much by way of conclusion, simply please do ensure that you like and rate this podcast on your favorite podcast app then check out the below, where you can follow Colleen and get involved in one of her circles, programs and get ready for the book. Oh and don’t forget to share share share this program and the love. As always such a pleasure to bring you this podcast and wishing you a beautiful day or eve wherever you are in the world.Where to find ColleenFaceboook:

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