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Melvin Edwards


My podcast Stories from Real Life: A Podcast for Real PeopleMelvin E. Edwards has written 2 award-winning books tracing generations of his Texas family back to the Republic of TX.www.podcastreallife.com
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Podcaster Q&A

Tell us about yourself – what is your background?

Melvin E. Edwards is a 6th-generation Texan, who was an award-winning newspaper reporter before he entered the colorful and ambitious world of Texas politics. He started his career writing about Texas high school football and within a few years, he was a speechwriter for the Lieutenant Governor and Governor of Texas.

How did the idea for the show come about?

When I started my podcast in 2023, I decided to call it "Real Life and Other Fantasies" because of a lesson I learned during my 30 years of genealogy research. I discovered that there are some stories that people cling to tightly that can be proven to be false. I also learned that some of those same "fantasies" are the truest part of real life for some people. We cling to stories because those stories may be our only connection to the past.

How can your listeners support your show?

Listeners can best support the show by leaving a little something in the "tip jar," and also by telling their friends and family about this podcast. Giving it a 5-star rating doesn't hurt, either.

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