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Chris Schnabel


My podcasts Mad Props with Chris Schnabel & Sketching UpVoice behind Mad Props, and Sketching Up.

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Podcaster Q&A

Tell us about yourself – what is your background?

I'm Chris Schnabel, host of Mad Props! I also host Sketching Up, all a part of the Schnabel Studios network of podcasts. I am a college radio host-turned-podcaster and my goal is to bring interesting, engaging, and fun conversations to the listeners! As a day job, I've worked in sports for over 10 years and social media for the last three. Give us a sub, we appreciate the support :)

Why did you get into podcasting?

I hosted a bunch of college radio shows throughout my undergrad and of all of the media jobs I have possessed, radio host was by far my favorite. I love the conversations that can be had, the people to meet, and the fun that is had behind the mic.

How did the idea for the show come about?

Originally, Mad Props was named Off Stage Radio and was based on an internet documentary series I did about 10 years ago named Off Stage. The series followed up-and-coming entertainers through a day before a show. Not only gives an inside look at how a day goes but also shows the ins and outs of an up-and-coming entertainer.

What do you hope listeners take from the show?

I hope they learn something new about each guest. My goal going into each interview is to talk about something you can't find in a Google search. This isn't the easiest task because I am just meeting most of these guests for the first time preshow. But when the guest tells me that was their favorite interview because "it's not about the same stuff" it means my goal was accomplished.

What's been the biggest challenge for you?

Other than getting guests consistently, finding a true fan base. Part of this is my fault. I have gone on and off when it comes to releasing for about 3 years. But part of it is getting a solid fanbase behind us. Although I've worked a lot in social media for years now, getting the right voice behind an interview show without having a big name behind it has made it very tough to get consistant views and subscriptions.

How can your listeners support your show?

All we ask for is a follow and a subscription :) I think one listen and you'll be in.

Any future plans that you'd like to share?

Once we build a larger following, there will be some big plans.

Anything else you'd like to share?

Hope you enjoy :) comment if you do, comment if you don't ;)

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