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Yusha Evans

Yusha Evans

Muslim Central

He was born and raised in Greenville, South Carolina in a very conservative Christian home. In his early teens he became heavily involved in the church near his home and in Young Life, a non-denominational youth oriented organization with the intention of becoming involved in the ministry of teaching and preaching. He intended to enrol in Bob Jones University, a world-renowned Bible College in his hometown upon graduating high school, but in the summer of 1996 his life changed. Upon studying the bible from cover to cover and realizing many things were askew, and a lot of what he believed his entire life was not in line with what his research found, he left Christianity and went in search of the truth. After many twist and turns, ups and downs and after looking at the many world religions searching for the tangible proof of the right way of life he encountered a Muslim, and was given a Qur’an. After reading the Qur’an cover to cover he accepted Islam in the winter of 1998. Yusha (Joshua) Evans Currently works as a full-time lecturer and caller to Islam, as well as teaching workshops that have taken him all across the globe. He is the founder and co-founder of two Islamic television stations in North America as well has appeared on many Islamic stations throughout the world. He has studied under numerous teachers and scholars in the various sciences of Islam and is a Psychology major. He is currently studying under Shaykh Waleed Al-Menesse, one of the world’s foremost Scholars in the Qur’an and its various sciences. He also is a multiple discipline Black belt holder.
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How many episodes does Yusha Evans have?

Yusha Evans currently has 3171 episodes available.

What topics does Yusha Evans cover?

The podcast is about Islam, Society & Culture, Religion & Spirituality and Podcasts.

What is the most popular episode on Yusha Evans?

The episode title 'The Power of Gratitude' is the most popular.

What is the average episode length on Yusha Evans?

The average episode length on Yusha Evans is 43 minutes.

When was the first episode of Yusha Evans?

The first episode of Yusha Evans was released on Jul 1, 2013.

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