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Melting Ice & Undersea Cables: How the Arctic Is Getting Fast Internet

Melting Ice & Undersea Cables: How the Arctic Is Getting Fast Internet

WSJ’s The Future of Everything

High-speed internet is something many of us take for granted. But the FCC says millions of Americans lack access to broadband service. That includes many people who live in the northernmost parts of Alaska, where satellite internet has long been the only option. That’s changing, though, as melting sea ice is leading a rush of companies to step in and start laying new undersea cables. WSJ Pro reporter Isabelle Bousquette visited parts of the Arctic where high-speed internet has made it easier to learn and even saved lives. She speaks with WSJ’s Danny Lewis about the huge educational, medical and research implications for people in the Arctic and beyond.

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03/10/23 • 27 min

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