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Triple Knot

Haley Markos

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Through sharing the personal stories of collegiate runners at any level of the sport, Triple Knot explores topics such as mental health, injury, team and community, eating disorders, the college application process, academic balance, transitions, training, racing, and the many many unique ways our identities, passions, and experiences intersect with the sport of running.


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In this episode...

  • Who are the Drop Twins?
  • How they got into running
  • Seeking out some greater opportunities in HS, team focus on spirit & fun
  • Falling in love with the University of Georgia
  • College transition: Jess’ jump to XC & helping Sam become more competitive
  • Sisterhood
  • Eating disorders, therapy, relationship with food
  • Food instagram @running_foodies
  • Anxiety, depression, & injury
  • Georgia’s 2017 XC season & sunday long run grinds
  • International racing experiences
  • Volunteering for the Special Olympics
  • Goals and remaining eligibility head into into 5th yr
  • Covid-19
  • Academic pursuits and aspirations
  • Messages to younger and future selves


  • Jesica Drop
  • Samantha Drop
  • Dyestat article:

A Mental Health Guide for Athletes and Their Support Networks:

***Donate to the National Queer and Trans Therapist of Color Network’s (NQTTCN) Mental Health Fund: ***

  • Awesome podcast episode about NQTTCN:
  • Insta:
  • For June 2020, contact me w/ confirmation of your donation (feel free to cover any personal info, donation amount, etc) and I pledge to contribute $5 for every new donation that a listener of this podcast makes to NQTTCN for up tp $100 of my own money total. Thank you :)
  • Insta: @markoshaley
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Justice in June educational resource:

Violence Against the Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Community in 2020:

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“Fly fast and free, why not me?” This is the motto that Nicole Clermont, an NCAA Division 1 runner at Boston College, runs by and what has kept her going through the ups and downs of massive PRs, winning a national championship, racing for Team USA, volunteering for the Special Olympics of Costa Rica, stress fracture recovery, eating disorder recovery, anxiety, and perfectionism. Nicole openly discusses using practices like journaling, spirituality, relationship building, and meditation to rewire her brain so that she thinks differently about food and body image in a way that allows her to honor the strong, confident, badass runner she is. Through learning self care and self love, Nicole’s healing is the groundwork for her continued growth, allowing her to rediscover what it’s like to feel alive, liberated, and free. Nicole has learned that “my body is either what will make me limitless or give me limits and I have to respect it,” leaving the message that “my voice has so much power, your voice matters... if you are struggling, you are not alone, you can get help, and you can be a successful runner no matter what your body type is.”

For more information on the female athlete triad, eating disorders in athletes, and some resources for seeking help, you can check out the NEDA website here:

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Dorcas Wasike has been on a history-making roll since entering the University of Louisville in 2016. She has made an impressive progression from 145th at the NCAA D1 XC Championship to 14th in 2018 and posted a runner-up finish in the 10k at the 2019 NCAA D1 Track Championship. On route, she has earned many ACC honors, school records, and school firsts.

With some key mentors, team support, and 6 sisters (all of whom are runners including marathon world record holder Brigid Kosgei!!) she has made the move from Kenya, recently nursed a hamstring injury, and always balances motherhood, work, and school as a nursing major with a psychology minor. For Dorcas, its about showing up, working hard, persevering, and just being who she is while finding trust in herself as a strong competitor worthy of being at the top of the NCAA. Watch out world, this rising red-shirt senior still has a full year of eligibility.

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After experiencing her first major injury, a sudden coaching change, and struggling with homesickness, it was time for Audrey Belf to make the courageous decision to transfer. She left the community she had formed during her 2 years at Georgetown and headed back home to the University of Michigan; the state where she had established herself as one of the all-time best and top in the country as a high schooler.

At the University of Michigan, Audrey earned a bachelor’s in Kinesiology in 2019, and a master’s in Supply Chain Management in 2020. She also took a step back from a perfectionist mindset, focused on the little parts of the process to get to the bigger goals, learned from different training philosophies, and grew into a more balanced student-athlete.

Finally, we discuss the dominoes of COVID-19 news that ultimately stripped away her last experiences as a 5th year and how she looks to reinvent herself in a post-collegiate atmosphere.

Audrey will be continuing some of her athletic pursuits as part of the USA Triathlon Collegiate Recruitment Program. To learn more about the program check out:

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At age 18, Grace Norman made history winning gold at the first ever installment of the 2016 Paralympic Triathlon event. Twenty four hours later she was tearing up the track, winning bronze in the 400m (the longest track race offered for amputees). Meanwhile back home, she was already 3 weeks past the start of her first-year year of college. In this episode we talk racing experiences, overcoming injury, the biomechanical and controversial aspects of being an amputee athlete, what it means to be a Paralympian, and the current challenges Grace is facing due to COIVD-19. Hear from Grace on how she's worked with what she has and learned to not take anything for granted while balancing life as an elite triathlete, NCAA runner, and oh did I mention she is also a nursing major.

Some compelling info on amputee runners:

Grace's Team USA bio:

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Recruited to play softball at NCAA D3 Bethany College in West Virginia, Sammy Seymour was not finding the team camaraderie she expected. Now approaching graduation, hear how Sammy put herself out there and ended up on the Bethany cross country and track teams. This conversation touches on finding and creating a supportive team environment, managing backwards thinking and differences in point of view, and the many experiences of learning and growing in a new sport on a small team at a small school.

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How do they do it? This is a question that Taylor Knibb and Kyleigh Spearing, two of the top triathletes in the world get asked a lot, but one they often ask themselves as well. Even more admirable than the on-paper accolades, is the gratitude, humility, and wisdom in which the Cornell University seniors impart as they reflect on challenges faced, experiences had, and lessons learned. For Taylor and Kyleigh, success has been a matter of establishing strong support systems, incorporating fun, and rolling with the punches. In addition to triathlon, the dynamic duo were key leaders in taking their cross country team to the 2019 NCAA D1 National Championships after what was an extremely uncertain start to their season. In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, their enlightened perspectives and open attitudes are guiding them through the abrupt end of their collegiate careers in the presence of an unpredictable future.

Background for the Non-Triathlete:

  • USA Triathlon (USAT) has a developmental program for Youth Elite ages 13-15 (super-sprint distance: 375m swim, 10km bike, 2.5km run) and Junior Elite ages 16-19 (sprint distance: 750m, 20km, 5km race). The program consists of a summer series including the Richmond Youth/Junior Elite Cup race in Virginia and the Flatland Youth/Junior Elite Cup race in Iowa. The series culminates with a national championship where the top 3 Juniors are selected to represent Team USA at the International Triathlon Union (ITU) World Triathlon Grand Final for the Under 20 (U20) Junior division. As a bridge from U20 competition to Elite, Olympic level competition, there is the U23 category. The standard Olympic Distance triathlon is a 1500m swim, 40km bike, and 10km run.
  • For more information:
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04/22/20 • 49 min

After winning a Footlocker national title her sophomore year of high school in 2012, injury and surgery to both feet would side-line Anna Rohrer. However, she made an epic return to win the New Balance Nationals 5k on the track and then redeem herself as a Footlocker champion in 2014.

Now, as she concludes five years of running for the University of Notre Dame where she earned an undergrad degree in neuroscience and is about to complete her master’s in business; Anna reflects on how this opportunity allowed her to become a better version of herself as one of the most accomplished and resilient runners nationally. In this episode, Anna speaks on transitioning to college, gaining perspective while battling injury, faith, gutsy racing tactics, favorite memories, and some visions for a future in which tenacity will see her through to her full potential.

As a collegiate runner some of Anna’s accomplishments include...

  • First from Notre Dame to be a four-time All-American in Cross Country
  • Five time All-American in indoor and outdoor track
  • Breaking Olympian Molly Huddle’s school record when she placed first against a field of pros to run 31:58 in her 10k debut at the Stanford Invitational
  • Placing 6th in the 10k at the NCAA Outdoor Track Championships in which ALL top 6 women ran under the 30+ yr old meet record (the race Alice Wright took out as discussed in this episode)
  • More from her roster:
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With no sponsor, no coach, no team, and no training partners, Gracie Griffith’s plan might be a little unorthodox, but the 21 year old Clemson University senior is quickly emerging as one of the top marathoners in the country. Heading into the U.S. Olympic Team Trials for the Marathon on Feb. 29, 2020, Gracie was ranked 500th but managed to handle the adverse conditions to place 95th in a PR of 2:43.36. So how does the double major, double minor, law school bound student do it? In her two years of marathon-ing Gracie has recovered from stress fractures, refined her training, and attempted to join the Clemson XC team as a senior all while keeping joy at the center of her craft.

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After sitting out nearly two years (sophomore and junior) due to an achilles injury and surgery, the University of Mary’s Ida Narbuvoll was just getting back into her normal training when she won the high point crown at her conference meet taking the mile, 3k, and 5k. Heading into the 2020 Indoor NCAA D2 National Championships, the 5th year Civil Engineering major from Norway was set to run the 5k as the first seed (30 seconds ahead of 2nd place with her 16:14 school record), 3k as the second seed (9:26.52), and the DMR before the event was cancelled due to COVID-19. Fortunately with the new rule change, she will have a shot to return to the track for a 6th year while pursuing her master’s. Outdoors will give her the opportunity to continue showcasing her endurance in the 10k, an event she previously established herself in.

In this episode we cover:

  • Nordic skiing & running in Norway
  • Embracing the opportunity to move to the US & compete in the NCAA
  • Transferring from the University of Edinboro in Pennsylvania to UMary
  • The challenges of injury & an absolutely incredible comeback
  • High mileage training

More of Ida’s Accomplishments:

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