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Sacred places, pilgrimages and how spiritual tourism became a new travel trend

Sacred places, pilgrimages and how spiritual tourism became a new travel trend

Travel Goals Podcast

On this episode, we’re talking about sacred spaces, spiritual pilgrimages, how faith tourism became a new travel trend. In the UK, many churches and sacred sites are looking to enhance the visitor experience and increase revenue through tours, activities and even overnight church camping known as ‘champing’. But how do churches and pilgrimage sites balance contemporary travel and tourism growth whilst maintaining the key messages of faith and heritage?

Today’s travellers are also looking for more purposeful trips and authentic experiences, whether abroad or at home, so who better to capitalise on this than churches, chapels and sacred sites?

We talk to several experts to find out how churches, sacred sites and the organisations that support them, are developing these special places in a purposeful and sustainable manner, in order to preserve them for generations of pilgrims to come.

Thanks so much The National Churches Trust and Explore Churches for supporting this episode of the Travel Goals podcast.

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Hi, I'm your podcast host, Pip Jones, [also known as Portia Jones] and I'm a freelance travel journalist, podcaster and newsletter writer. I've travelled extensively around the world and I'm available for hire for writing and podcasting. You can see my online travel journalism portfolio here.

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Enjoy the podcast!

01/17/22 • 26 min

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