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Thoughtful in The Dark

Ralph Cortes

Thoughtful in The Dark began as a Blog comprised of material I wrote since I was in junior high school. The material I speak about are stories, points of view, anecdotes and personal experiences that have—and continue—to shape my life. After the considerable following I gathered, and as the result of so many great reviews and petitions, I ventured in the Podcasting World transforming my written material into individual audio experiences. This is where you have now found me, and where I will definitely be for as long as you continue to like what I do. Welcome to the realm of my creativity, and to the deep tissue of my unpredictable thoughts. — Ralph _____________________________________________________________________Thoughtful in The Dark comenzó como un blog compuesto por material que escribí desde que estaba en la escuela secundaria. El material del que hablo son historias, puntos de vista, anécdotas y experiencias personales que han—y continúan—dando forma a mi vida. Después de la considerable cantidad de seguidores que reuní, y como resultado de tantas críticas positivas y peticiones excelentes, me aventuré en el mundo del Podcast. De esa manera, transformé mi material escrito en experiencias de audio individuales. Aquí es donde me has encontrado y donde definitivamente estaré mientras te siga gustando lo que hago. Bienvenido al reino de mi creatividad y al tejido profundo de mis pensamientos impredecibles. - Ralph


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