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The Wine Pair Podcast

The Wine Pair Podcast

The Wine Pair

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Recommended by Decanter Magazine who call The Wine Pair Podcast fun, irreverent, chatty, and entertaining! In each episode, husband and wife team Joe and Carmela learn about, taste, and give our honest review of three wines that are reasonably priced - meaning under $20 each - and easy to find. Our podcast is made for people who want to learn more about wine, find new wines to enjoy, and just want someone to talk about wine in a fun and funny way that regular people can understand. So, if that sounds like you, you are in the right place!
Contact us at [email protected]
Instagram: @thewinepairpodcast
Website: https://thewinepairpodcast.com/

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Podcast Q&A

Why did you start this show?

We love wine, we love learning about wine, and we love exploring new wines, so the podcast is an opportunity for us to share that with others. We also love a good bargain and hate to overspend, and so we also wanted to focus our show on the everyday wine drinker who really just wants to find a reasonably priced bottle of wine that they will enjoy. At its heart, wine is about culture, cuisine, history, geography, the land, and careful crafting, so there is a lot more to wine than just the juice.

What do you hope listeners gain from listening to your show?

Our podcast is for people like us, people who love wine and want to know more about wine but are sort of intimidated by it. We want our listeners to learn more about wine in a fun, funny, informal yet educational way. And, we want our listeners to discover that there is a lot more wine out there than the typical Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and Merlot. In Italy alone there are nearly 350 different varietals, and so there is a vast world of wine to discover and enjoy with us!

Which episode should someone start with?

The podcast has evolved some from our early days, so one idea for a good place to start is around episode 26 which is entitled WTF is Gamay? Another idea is just to find a wine that you are interested in, intrigued by, or confused about and start there.

Which have been your favourite episodes so far?

Like with our children, we don't pick favorites (although the WTF episodes are pretty fun).

Which episode are you most proud of?

We are proud of all of our episodes, but we are very proud to say that our podcast was recommended by the editors of Decanter Magazine in their October 2022 issue, and they described us this way: “This entertaining US podcast by Seattle-based husband-and-wife team Joe and Carmela is a fun, irreverent, and chatty introduction to wine, with lots of wine basics, food pairing tips and explainers on varieties and styles."

What is your vision for your show?

The focus of our podcast is to help people learn about and discover reasonably priced wines - meaning under $20 - that are relatively easy to find at a local or online store. Our basic format is to focus on a specific varietal or type of wine, give some background and history on it, and then taste and review three wines and talk about what food would pair with the wine. We aim to make it fun, funny, relatable, and easy to understand.

What is your favourite other podcast that isn't yours?

We have lots of podcasts we love, and you can check out a few of them on our list.

How did you come up with the name for your podcast?

We are a pair that talks about wine, so, we are the wine pair of The Wine Pair Podcast. And in our tastings we talk about food that pairs with the wines we are drinking, which is another clear connection to the name of the podcast.

Tell us a bit about yourself

We are a PNW-based podcasting husband and wife team with a long background in education, cooking, and wine. Carmela is a professional baker and culinary educator, Joe is a former singer and professional entertainer, and both of us have Masters in Teaching. We live in the Seattle area and have three children who are (mostly) grown up!

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How many episodes does The Wine Pair Podcast have?

The Wine Pair Podcast currently has 131 episodes available.

What topics does The Wine Pair Podcast cover?

The podcast is about Funny Podcast, Humor, Comedy, Podcasts, Wine, Arts and Food.

What is the most popular episode on The Wine Pair Podcast?

The episode title 'Orange Wines: The Thing for Spring! (WTF is Orange Wine? Wine hype, Spring wines, Easter wines, natural and vegan wine, similarities to rosé, Ramato)' is the most popular.

What is the average episode length on The Wine Pair Podcast?

The average episode length on The Wine Pair Podcast is 43 minutes.

How often are episodes of The Wine Pair Podcast released?

Episodes of The Wine Pair Podcast are typically released every 7 days.

When was the first episode of The Wine Pair Podcast?

The first episode of The Wine Pair Podcast was released on Oct 31, 2021.

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