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The Sham Podcast

Erin Mikail, Momina Mindeel, Mayuri Mei Lin

What is The Sham? A happy hour podcast talking about those things that society tells us we love, but we just can’t. Think about us like society’s Yelp review — open, honest, and to be taken with a grain of salt. We’re here to laugh, cry, and unabashedly love the things we love, or don’t.Wait, what? Have you ever done that thing, and been entirely let down by that thing (looking @ you Times Square), but enjoyed parts of it anyway? Welcome to the Sham Podcast. Because sometimes, life is a total f*cking sham.

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We all know that on Wednesdays we wear pink but really, cliques were always such an absolute sham. This week Mayuri, Momina and Erin talk about high school, adult friend groups and also venture into the murky waters of online communication during a pandemic (spoiler alert: it's not as easy as it seems).
This week on Underrated:
Momina plugs the Long Island Railroad and the many day trips just waiting to be had.
Mayuri plugs sweetened condensed milk. Try it with your coffee, tea, and as an extra special treat, on toast!
Erin plugs online reading groups! Find other people reading the same books you are and gush with one another. Try looking around on Reddit or using the hashtags #readingclub and #bookclubs on Instagram.
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Twitter: @thesham_pod

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