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The Sacred Donut

Nataline R. Cruz

1 Creator



The Sacred Donut is an interdimensional journey through altered states of consciousness, sacred conversations and non-ordinary story telling. Podcast creator Nataline Ruth Cruz is a practitioner of many modalities, traditional and non-traditional. She is a Shamanic practitioner, learning from great teachers in the Andean and Mexica traditions, and in the Maya Cosmology. She has been walking on the Maya path for several years and has been initiated as a Maya Priest, recognized by the Maya Nation, in Guatemala since, 2016.Ms. Cruz is a practitioner of Curanderismo, learning from her elders in the Mexica/Aztec traditions in Meso-American Massage, and other healing modalities. She has also spent time studying with Curanderos from CEDEHC (Centro de Desarrollo Humano hacia la Comunidad) in Cuernavaca, Morelos, México. Nataline is a Massage Therapist certified at the Colorado School of Healing Arts in Swedish massage, Deep Tissue Techniques and Fascial Manipulation. She is a Reiki Master, a Master Teacher in Magnified Healing, and a Oneness Trainer for the Oneness University in India initiated by Sri AmmaBhagavan. She is a certified yoga instructor, taught by several amazing teachers from Core Power Yoga, recognized by Yoga Alliance. Nataline is an Ordained Minister which allows her to perform baptisms, weddings, commitment ceremonies and other such blessings. She uses learned modalities with her abilities as a Clairsentient/ Intuitive and an Empath to sense energies to properly aid and accelerate healing. She has had the privilege of learning and working under great teachers from the United States, Mexico, Peru, Guatemala, Brazil, India, and Indonesia. She is a member of the Alliance for Addiction Solutions and is certified in Amino Acid Therapy, Mental Health and Addiction Recovery. She has also studied Iridology at the School of Natural Medicine in Boulder, CO. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Master of Arts in Creative Writing, both from the University ...

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