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#116b - Refreshed Moms - Supporting Weary Mom Leaders

The Refreshed Moms Podcast

08/26/22 • 34 min

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I've worked with mom leaders and entrepreneurs for over four years now with Refreshed Moms.
I've consulted with so many women around their marketing and business framework because honestly it comes so easy to me, and it was the easiest thing to get paid for when I decided to stay home with my kids 14 years ago.
But, marketing isn't what was in my heart when I started Refreshed Moms. My heart's desire was for moms to be able to sustain the rigor of whatever roles of leadership they were feeling called into while raising their kids.
Cause working, leading, and raising kids - well - is hard to do at the same time.
Here's the thing, there's not enough self-care out there to overcome a spirit that thirsts for the presence of God.
I don't care how many approaches to winding down and releasing stress and tension you come up with. I know without a doubt that the number 1 way to sustain your life and recover from exhaustion is by spending time with God.
Even if your schedule feels too full and your life feels spread too thin.
We've gotta move past the "God understands my season... he knows I want to spend time with him." to "God, I cannot make it unless I spend time with you, so show me how to do it."
Yes, he knows motherhood is hard, yet he's still called you into your work and leadership.
And, he still desires to commune with you while your kids are young so that he can refresh your weary soul.
In this Refreshed Moms episode, I'm sharing the new direction I feel God is calling me into in regards to supporting overcommitted mom leaders who desire to deepen their relationship with God even when life feels too full.
Because the world needs the ministry and leadership you have to give. And I don't want you to give up like I did years ago.
FREE Mini-Course - Making a Rest Plan

You can turn business burnout around, and it begins with knowing how to rest.

This mini-course includes very short video lessons on the 7 ways to rest, my Rest Needs Quiz, and a 30-Day Scripture Writing Plan on Rest.

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The Refreshed Moms Podcast Sabbath Rest Community

The #1 community for mom leaders who desire to create a weekly 24-hour sabbath rest practice in order to sustain the work they feel called to do.

If you feel like God has called you to do important work while you’re in a season of motherhood, but the rigor of leadership needed to accomplish it all is feeling like too much, then this community is for you.

Learn more or join HERE.

How to Pray in Color Video Tutorial

Busy mom leaders struggling to prioritize prayer can turn rushed, distracted attempts into connected intimacy in minutes with this refreshing approach to spending time with God. @refreshedmoms

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