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Let's Discuss the "Great Pause" vs. Great Resignation with Dr. Paul Bailo | TNN63

The New Nomad

07/04/22 • 32 min

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Phone interviews are just as important as in-person interviews, so adequately preparing for them can influence your success. Many companies use phone calls with candidates who look good on paper to determine if those applicants are ready to move to longer, more in-depth interviews. Actually, with the right approach, phone interviews can be seen as an advantage to interviewees - all you need is super communication skills.

In this episode of The New Nomad, Allen Koski welcomes Paul Bailo, founder and CEO of Phone Interview Pro and professor at Columbia University, in sharing his expertise on why communication is important in everything. They also talked about the future of work and why companies and organizations should adapt to working remotely. So before you go from ecstatic to panicked wondering how in the hell you’re going to knock the interviewer’s socks off, tune in to this week's episode and polish your communications skills to ace the interview you have been waiting for.

[2:48] Work is your friend

[9:27] Prepare yourself for progress in your industry

[15:53] The Big Pause

[21:17] Mindsetting makes your job more worthwhile

[23:53] Hone your strengths, don't dwell on your weaknesses

[30:22] Having great communication skills is a must in today's world


Paul J. Bailo, MBA, MSW, is the founder and CEO of Phone Interview Pro, a service for job seekers who want to perfect their telephone job interviewing skills. After recognizing that the importance of the phone interview is often overlooked, Bailo prompted Phone Interview Pro to create a 250-plus point phone evaluation, previously nonexistent in the career services industry.

Collateral to his business impact, Paul teaches at Columbia University as Adjunct Executive Graduate Professor in Applied Analytics and Digital Marketing, Innovation, and Data Analytics at New York University. He served as an Executive Advisor to the Governments of Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, and Abu Dhabi, as well as the Central Bank of Nigeria and Drexel University. Paul also acquired unique eight US patents.



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