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The Human Design Podcast

Emma Dunwoody

In these podcasts I discuss all things Human Design! The purpose of Human Design is to learn how to let go of resistance, change your unconscious conditioning and live in alignment with YOU!HD is the permission slip you need to break free from the person you're unhappy with, the one that you don't want to be and connects you to your truth with a step by step action plan to ease, flow and authenticity.It's a synthesis for Modern Astrology, The I Ching, The Chakra System, the Kabala Tree of Life and Quantum Physics that gives you your unique energetic blueprint of who you came here to be.This Podcast is an endless resource to understand your design, re-program your conditioning and I share amazing experts in the field to help you (and me) become the very best version of yourself!

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In this episode, I talk with Splenic 6/3 Manifestor @ellirichter who is blending four pillars of healing & growth
1. Nervous system regulation
2. safely feel & release emotions in the body
3. Reconnecting to your intuition (authority)
4. Subconscious change with PSYCH-K
Coaching & subconscious change for a holistic and embodied approach 🧡
I share my experience of working with Elli, and discuss the importance of integrating Human Design with consciousness tools.

Elli Richter's details:
Instagram @ellirichter
Free Webinar Registration Here!! -
Membership Details Here!! -
Book a Human Design Unpack with ME, which is a chart reading but even better
Human Design FB Group


Instagram @the_human_design_coach

Music: Spark Of Inspiration by Shane Ivers -

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