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The Founders Live Podcast

Founders Live

The Founders Live Podcast tells stories of unique and inspiring entrepreneurship from around the world.

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Nick Hughes is joined by Edwige Gilbert, founder of New Life Directions from West Palm Beach, FL. Edwige is a transformation guide and founder of New Life Directions, reinvents lives and creates fresh starts driven by a purposeful vision and habit transformation. As an international speaker and author of The Fresh Start Promise and Victim to Victorious, Edwige turns stress into success by clearing unwanted habits and behaviors, creating self confidence and exuberant enjoyment of life, or as she calls it in French, “Joie de Vivre.” Edwige's secrets to living, loving and aging with grace and style are the keys to recapturing vitality, embracing your sensuality and living life to the fullest, at any age.

The episode starts with Nick and Edwige discussing her journey into starting her own business and entrepreneurship. Nick wonders, is there a story of how she discovered this path? She points to Mindfulness - and how can leaders be more mindful as they lead their organizations. We know the entrepreneurial life can be stressful, so Nick and Edwige review suggestions to best deal and overcome it. She points to how to take your stress and move it into Strength. They talk about what you focus on - expands - and how to use "I can, I create, I manifest..." everyday to lead you to fulfilment. Edvige ends with sharing the first steps to take if someone is ready to change and take action. Check out her books and courses at This is a fun and informative conversation with an amazing person, we hope it helps you today.

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Nick Hughes is joined by Michelle Kulp Book Launch Expert, from Annapolis Maryland. Michelle Kulp is a Book Launch Expert, Publishing Specialist, 20x #1 Bestselling Author, and USA Today Bestselling Author. Since 2012, she has been teaching entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches, and thought leaders how to elevate their expertise, attract their ideal clients, and increase their income and opportunities — with a Bestselling Book! To date, Michelle has launched over 300 books for clients and has helped them hit numerous #1 Amazon bestseller lists as well as Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestseller lists. Michelle's Bestseller program is a one-stop shop for authors who don’t have the knowledge, expertise, desire or skill-set to publish and market their own books.
The episode starts with Nick and Michelle jumping into her journey into entrepreneurship... and what it takes to be a writer. Can anyone write a book a month? What is a book exactly? These questions are dissected by Michelle to illustrate how to you write and publish a book in one month. She details out her advice on how to start your writing career, how to create passive income with writing, how to break down your ideas and topics into chunks of content and how to do the best marketing processes - outside of Amazon. The end with Michelle's advice to writers and early stage entrepreneurs. This is a fun and informative conversation with an amazing author and entrepreneur, we hope it helps you today.

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Nick Hughes is joined by Allie Martin, CEO and Founder of Fame and Fortune from Shelbyville Kentucky. Allie is a visibility expert who uses proactive public relations with her clients through her framework The Publicity Stair StepTM. Fame and Fortune® was opened by Allie Hembree Martin in June 2019 with a mission to support female entrepreneurs by integrating new and traditional marketing tactics to grow their visibility. The Fame and Fortune® team has been able to achieve top-tier media placements for clients, with clients appearing on Forbes, Martha Stewart, The Rachael Ray Show, CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Apartment Therapy, Better Homes & Gardens, and more. Social media strategy is another major emphasis of the business, bringing to life the stories and messages of the client in creative and engaging ways.

The episode starts with Nick and Allie discussing her journey and how she survived numerous layoffs at larger companies. We learn how Allie got into PR and then decided to start her own company - and what's in the name?! Allie walks through the first few steps of getting started in her publicity business and then details The Publicity Stair StepTM approach, plus the 6 Tips to crafting the perfect PR pitch and how to get the coverage you deserve. She finishes it off with ideas on steps to take this week to gain momentum and get discovered. Lastly, we hear her advice for early stage entrepreneurs and how to outreach PR and media outlets. This is a fun and informative conversation with a PR and Visibility expert, we hope it helps you today.

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