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The Application Security Podcast

Chris Romeo and Robert Hurlbut

The Application Security Podcast is brought to you by Security Journey. Chris Romeo and Robert Hurlbut dive into the stories from appsec experts. Each episode begins with how the guests’ got their start in cybersecurity and then dig into the tips, tricks, projects, and tactics that made them successful. They cover all things application security, topics ranging from threat modeling and OWASP projects to DevOps+security and security culture. They approach these stories in an educational light, explaining the details in a way those new to the discipline can understand. They strive to break out of the security echo chamber and provide relevant content to real people who design, build, and test apps. Chris and Robert invite exciting conference speakers to break down a topic in 45 minutes. They cut through the boundaries that exist in appsec and aren’t afraid to talk about any technologies and roles of security that make things tick. Chris Romeo is the co-founder of Security Journey, and Robert Hurlbut is a Principal Application Security Architect focused on Threat Modeling at Aquia.FOLLOW OUR SOCIAL MEDIA:➜Twitter: https://twitter.com/AppSecPodcast➜LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/showcase/application-security-podcast/➜YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfrTGqjSsFCQW4k6TueuY-ASecurity Journey delivers secure coding training to development teams and those who support them. They help enterprises reduce vulnerabilities through application security education for developers and everyone in the SDLC. TRY OUR TRAINING ➜ https://info.securityjourney.com/try-our-training


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