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The Aligned AF Soulpreneur Podcast

Vanessa Dewing

A raw, uncensored and spunky deep dive with Host Vanessa Dewing into Life, Spiritual Laws and the Magic that is our birth right. The Aligned AF SoulpreneurPodcast is truly a podcast that is YOURS. Practical tips + tricks, reframing our mindset, and simply teaching YOU to remember your power within; Vanessa has a super relatable and casual approach with a massively heart felt energy to empower you! This is your 15 minute dose of a SOUL RE-CHARGE, and all the energy you will need to jump start your day, or simply have a feel good chat together!_________________________________New to the spiritual journey? Feeling that craving to discover more about yourself? Curious about how the World works and how YOU can master it? Join Host Vanessa Dewing in this power podcast to shift your vibrations, help you open your mindset to a higher quality of living and have a hella good time along the way!_________________________________What people are saying:"Your energy is so real and authentic, I can literally feel like you are sitting right next to me!""You have such a unique and charming style, it's invigorating!""Vanessa, you have shifted my days so much I listen and re-listen to all your episodes and I just love how I feel afterwards!""You just naturally RECHARGE ME, and man did I need that!"New episodes out weekly with a special MINI SERIES on the Trinity Coaching Lives that are in divine collaboration with the Calling Uncensored + Beyond Coincidence Podcasts to elevate your life and soul aligned business leveraging the X factor of creation!WELCOME, to "HEY WORLD, IT's ME"!____________________________________________________________Follow and connect with Vanessa on IG: @vanessamariedewing


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